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The most brutal video game character could return in December

Самый брутальный герой видеоигр может вернуться в декабреThe new part of the shooter Duke Nukem announce in 2016.

The head of the company-developer of Duke Nukem, Randy Pitchford promised the announcement of some of the game on December 1.

There is a possibility that the development is a new part of the cult game Duke Nukem. Oyu Twitter hinted the head of Gearbox Randy Pitchford.

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Likely some announcement will happen on 1 December at The Game Awards 2016. I wonder what Randy Pitchford used a fairly minor issue in Twitter to inform about the plans of the company.

Game journalists assume that most likely will be announced that is Duke Nukem. Among other features is called a full crossover Duke Nukem and Gears of War, as well as a new game in the series Borderlands.

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The first Duke Nukem came out in 1991, but the really popular series began after the release in 1996 Duke Nukem 3D — three-dimensional shooter fight with aliens.

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