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The most bizarre dishes of molecular cuisine. Photo

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. ФотоFor a person not accustomed to the culinary delights of molecular cuisine will seem out of the ordinary.

Although proponents of molecular gastronomy argue that the use of knowledge about chemical and physical properties of the product will create the most healthy dish with impeccable taste.
We picked up some amazing examples that demonstrate the magical possibilities of molecular cuisine.

1. Tomato soup

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

Research scientists in the field of ingredients, able to transform food into a gel, has resulted in the widespread use of the substance agar-agar. Thanks to this ingredient, the usual soup takes on a whole new consistency. Tasting the dish, you’ll never guess that you before the soup turned into spaghetti. However, in the mouth reveals the taste of all the products, and everything falls into place.

2. Raspberry caviar with strawberry foam and caramel

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

Such an unusual interpretation of the fruit dessert cannot fail to surprise. Often cooks molecular cuisine uses the churning of products in the foam, in essence, has a strong natural aroma. At first glance it may seem that the foam does not play a role in the dish, but it’s not. There was a case when a visitor to the molecular gastronomy restaurant ordered plain white foam, but after trying it, felt the aroma of fresh rye bread and the rich taste of the sandwich with butter. Never underestimate a particular item, as all ingredients need to take place in strictly measured quantities. Foam you can create almost anything, including strawberries.

3. Pumpkin cake and bananas

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

This dish is clearly not associated with the usual perception of the pie. It seems hard to suggest what foods and been used for cooking. This is the case when the appearance of food does not justify the taste expectations. In your plate substance, like ice cream, but once in the mouth, it turns into a real pumpkin pie.

4. Dessert for Breakfast

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

One of the objectives of molecular gastronomy is to surprise the customer. Having eggs for Breakfast with bacon, do not add salt or pepper. In this case, despite the appearance of the food on the plate is vanilla yogurt, mango and chocolate. This unusual tandem pictures and the taste leaves an unforgettable impression.

5. Vinaigrette

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

Another interpretation of well-known vegetable salad. It beets appears in the form of jelly, a mixture of vegetables – in the form of a foam, and dressing to the dish is the emulsion. Through research in the field mixing water with the fat, the consistency of the sauce and the entire dish is stable, maintaining a perfect before eating the last bite.

6. Soup of blood sausage

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

In molecular cuisine is widely known method goodpaying. Its main principle is the combination products according to their aromatic components. For example, based on the usual gastronomic combinations, has created a soup of blood sausage and pumpkin. Its consistency, rather like a piece of meat. But the dish is rich, full-bodied and leaves a finish just eaten soup.

7. Carrot air with tangerine granite

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

The chef of molecular cuisine is able to enclose the liquid in the sphere, to turn ice into powder, combine many ingredients into a homogeneous jelly. Particularly impressed with molecular gastronomy people claim that the foam in this dish is light as air with the aroma and taste of fresh carrots. And Mandarin, despite the hard texture on the outside, juicy and soft inside.

8. Forest haze

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

One of the commonly used devices in molecular cuisine is the Smoking gun. This can help to give the dish a smell of fire and taste “smoky”. To smoke this way can be anything: fruit, tea, cigars, ice cream or flowers. In many restaurants of this process, a show, and Smoking is in the eyes of visitors in a few seconds. One of such dishes is shown in the photo: salmon with vegetables and forest, served on a wooden slice.

9. Radishes in a creamy sauce

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

For lovers of fresh vegetables chef-scientists have invented a dish best served right in the pot with soil. To eat the radish, the restaurant will have to literally pull it from the edible earth and dipped in a creamy sauce. The land can be made that will come to a head chef as molecular gastronomy allows you to turn almost any ingredient into edible soil.

10. Herring under a fur coat

Самые странные блюда молекулярной кухни. Фото

Molecular cuisine is not only unexpected flavor combinations, but the most common, known to all people meals. For example, the famous new year salad with herring fits perfectly in the list of the most delicious dishes of molecular cuisine. Salad differs only interesting presentation: all the ingredients are assembled in the form of a Japanese roll, served with beetroot sauce. People who have tried a salad like this, claim that when chewed all the ingredients in the mouth recreates the taste of a well-known salad

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