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The most beautiful small cities of Europe. Photo

Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. ФотоIn some places, which I know quite a few, you can go in search of a delightful and leisurely holiday.

When planning a trip to Europe, the first thing to come to mind to destinations such as Paris in France, London in England, or Berlin in Germany.

Each of these incredible capitals, but it is not all those charms that can offer Europe. Exploring some small towns on the continent, you can see a more authentic, traditional way of these places. Plan to spend an exciting vacation? I suggest you take a walk through some of the most beautiful places in Europe. Be sure to select some small cities and add to its route. So you will be able to absorb the best of what Europe is preparing to tourists.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

Off the coast of Scotland located chain of the Inner Hebrides, one of which is known as Skye. The capital of Skye is Portree, a remote but beautiful location with views of the lake. You can get here by ferry from the mainland, which in itself is interesting. Portree is also known for its brightly colored buildings a few steps from the inviting beach and the calm waters of the Harbor.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

On the island of Malta is a small but picturesque village called Marsaxlokk. This traditional fishing village on the Southeast side of the island, a fascinating ancient history. Once there was an ancient Roman temple in honor of the goddess Juno, and today it is a place of pilgrimage for lovers of clear blue seas, fresh seafood and diving. Popular activities day on a fishing boat, or upscale cruises on a sailing boat along the coast.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

On the Swedish West coast is a small town Within a popular coastal destination with a scenic views. When visiting the city and Within the car, you’ll pass through the beautiful bridge with a panoramic view of the underlying Bay. When they reached the Within, immediately head towards the harbour. Right on the water lined with small buildings painted in bright colors. Some of the houses located at the top of the cliffs, on the whole it is charming and strange Swedish village.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

In Central England is a popular Cotswold region with hilly landscapes, wide fields and forests. In the heart of the Cotswolds is a small village called Bibury, where it’s like time has stopped. The most iconic landmark in Bibury, cottages of Arlington row with thatched roofs. This architectural style is still popular among local homeowners. The famous American businessman Henry Ford called Bibury and townhouses best part of England, and you will agree with his assessment.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

The town of Giethoorn is one of the oldest in the Netherlands. Its history dates back to the 13th century, when was built the first canals for irrigation and agriculture. Most of the houses of Giethoorn was built overlooking the water. Lush vegetation, manicured lawns and traditional architecture highlight the beauty of the city. Maximize your time in Giethoorn, a tour to the canals on a motor boat. So you can take photos of the many beautiful bridges and other attractions.

Cesky Krumlov

Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

During a visit to Cesky Krumlov you find yourself in a medieval fairy-tale. The city itself is separated by the waters of the Vltava river, and in the center of Cesky Krumlov stands majestically incredible Gothic castle from the 13th century. The Baroque building of the 18th century on both sides of the streets are drawn straight to the castle. The city has not only outstanding architecture but also the natural scenic beauty. You will never forget those stunning views and will want to return again and again. Cesky Krumlov is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

Húsavík in Northern Iceland is not as popular with tourists as Reykjavik, but it definitely deserves a visit. A small town is considered the European capital of whale watching in Europe. During the summer season, any sea excursion guarantees you a meeting with the whales. Another popular pastime in this incredibly picturesque town of horse riding. Icelandic horse breed ideal for coastal trips are the best way to explore the wonderful scenery the town of Húsavík.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

Slovenia may not be the first European country you think of when planning a trip. However, in terms of natural beauty it is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe with the most wonderful scenery on the continent. An example is the town of bled on the shores of the lake with the Julian Alps in the background. In the center of the lake is a small island with lovely white Church. Bled looks like it came straight out of a romantic medieval tales.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

Ronda in Spain is surrounded by the largest resorts like Malaga and Marbella. Rhonda, however, allows guests to step back in time and explore a delightful collection of historic architecture. One of the most iconic ruins of the city are the Arab baths, built in the 14th century. The Puente Nuevo across the canyon of El Tajo is considered a symbol of the city and its most recognizable landmark. Don’t miss your chance to stroll through the winding narrow streets of this old city.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

In the heart of the Swiss Alps is the town of Zermatt is one of the most picturesque places in Switzerland. In the background of the village rises the Matterhorn, one of the highest Alpine peaks. Zermatt is absolutely devoid of cars, which contributes to the preservation of its traditional atmosphere. Whether skiing in winter or boating on the river in the summer Visp — Zermatt is a unique destination for holidays. The city is included in the list of popular ski resorts in Switzerland.

Rothenburg on the tower

Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

The medieval center of Rothenburg on the tower — one of the most iconic and attractive places in all of Europe. A small German city acquired its city walls in the 14th century, like much of the architecture in the Old town. Intact over time, though the tower has to offer tourists medieval palaces, administrative buildings and a traditional Bavarian half-timbered house. Walking tours — the best way to get to know this small European city.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

The French town of Eguisheim is near the river Rhine on the border with Germany. He is widely known as one of the main wine regions in Europe, where green hills alternate with numerous vineyards. Along the cobbled streets of Eguisheim are drawn centuries-old houses and restaurants offer a wide range of local varieties of excellent wines.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

The coastal resorts of Montenegro is beautiful, but often filled with high-rise hotels and shopping centers. To contrast is to visit Perast, a small village with several hundred inhabitants. Perast with its concrete fishing piers and pebble beaches has a special splendor. All this is complemented by iconic attractions including the historic Cathedral.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

One of the most beautiful cities in Austria — Hallstatt is located on the shore of Lake Hallstatt. For thousands of years people have arrived in the city because of its salt mines. Today, the main reason for visiting the landscapes. Mountain peaks rise above the calm surface of the lake, where you can find everything from caves to waterfalls. All these beauties are concentrated near the picturesque historic town centre Hallstatt.

The Rhine

Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

In the northernmost parts of Norway are the Lofoten Islands — the most picturesque part of the country. There are no major capitals, but you will find the small town of Rhine. Rhine is the perfect place to admire wildlife in their natural habitat and observe the Northern lights. Without leaving the city, you will be able to see the clear blue water, lush green landscapes and spectacular mountain peaks. Almost all the houses here are traditional, with a characteristic bright red color.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

The coastal town of Positano located on the Amalfi coast in Italy, but most of its visitors are tourists from neighboring places like Sorrento. As a result, in the evening there are much less tourists and you can enjoy world class beaches in relative solitude. In the harbour you can have a great time, thanks to the many restaurants, hotels and shops. Beautiful harbour really comes alive at sunset. For an unforgettable adventure, rent a boat to see the coast of the beautiful Mediterranean city from the water and appreciate its beauty.


Самые красивые небольшие города Европы. Фото

On the famous Greek island of Santorini is located the most attractive small city in Europe — OYA. It is ideal for those who enjoy breathtaking scenery. Miles of winding roads throughout the village reveal a wide variety of exciting types. Sunset is the most interesting time of day in Oia as it’s a Greek direction is well known for its world-class sunsets, pink sky and down over the horizon of the Aegean sun.

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