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The most beautiful rose gardens in the world. Photo

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. ФотоTop 10 best rose nurseries in the world.

We present to your attention a selection of the most beautiful rose gardens in the world.

Be sure to check out one of these rosaries, if you’re nearby you can not only do magic shots, but also enjoy the dizzying scent and to find the most rare varieties — for example, a black rose.

1. Mottisfont Rose Gardens, UK

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

Enclosed by brick walls, the vegetable garden of the Abbey of Mottisfont in Hampshire became the ideal refuge for the National collection of old varieties of roses. The garden was created in the 1970s by Graham Stuart Thomas, who kept the old paths, fruit trees and boxwood hedges. In addition to the 500 varieties of roses were planted and other plants, including lavender and Catnip. I wish I could photograph the smell in the evenings in the enclosed space is the natural concert of flavors. But here you can capture the largest sycamore in the UK.

2. Rosary Coloma Castle, Belgium

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

The former owners of the castle Coloma, counts de Limburg-Stirum probably would want to return to this world, if he knew, what wonder grew in their yard. The rosary was founded in 1995 and Flemish society and became the largest in Europe: more than three thousand varieties, more than 65 thousand rose bushes planted sectors by color. In the café of the castle for sale pink ice cream.

3. Roseraie du Val-de-Marne, France

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

A charming garden in L e-Les-Roses near Paris was founded in the late XIX century and is considered the first official rosary of peace — no other plants besides roses, there are not supposed to grow. A collection of more than three thousand varieties are thematically divided into 13 sections, which tells the story of the cultivation of this flower. Local roses are trained to twine and climb any garden forms — arches, towers, pergolas.

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4. Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, United States

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

The oldest rose garden in America was established in Hartford, Connecticut, by Theodore Wirth. That’s the first thing he did in the assigned city in the territory of the Park. “Because people will like it,” said he, and was absolutely right. In addition to hundreds of modern varieties of roses here carefully preserve old and rare varieties. From another picturesque nature in the Park there are greenhouses, a pond and a picnic grove.

5. Butchart Gardens, Canada

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

Gardens of the Butchart family have existed since the beginning of the XX century and is already a hundred years old are among the most magnificent on the planet. Enough to walk up under the arches magnificently blooming rose garden, visitors come to throw a coin for luck in a wishing well, and photographers seek the best angle of reflection in the steel garden ball, one of the prescribed paths. The output from this part of the garden is brought from Florence bronze fountain with a leaping sturgeon.

6. Government Rose Garden, India

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

The first mention of the rose found in ancient Indian legends, and it is India — the birthplace of the Bengal roses. In the mountains of the Nilgiri in the South, at an altitude of 2250 m, barbed beauties feel is the best and bloom almost all year round. The garden is located on five curved terraces with a total area of 4 ha. the minimum Task — to find among the 20,000 varieties of uncommon colors: black and green.

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7. Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen, Germany

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

The town of Sangerhausen called the “city of roses” — he twined these flowers so that would deserve a visit, even if it was not the world’s largest historic rose garden. The latter was founded in 1898 on the basis of the extensive collection of gardener-Amateur albert Hoffmann. A quarter of the 8500 varieties can only be seen here.

8. Keisei Rose Garden, Japan

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

Rose garden in Sakura city, Chiba Prefecture during the period of flowering is transformed into a fragrant sea of swaying petals. The main character of most of the staff — laced gazebo, particularly appreciated wedding photographers. If you come for the roses, don’t miss the collection of rare Japanese wild rose, Chinese rose garden and species roses are from Asia.

9. Zijing Park, China

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

The Chinese have cultivated roses, when European civilization was still in the nursery: the selection here have been doing for at least a Millennium. The rose garden in Changzhou attracts visitors not only by the plantings in may festival, exhibitions of flower arrangements, competitions for the best photos, themed theatrical performances and a selection of top-dozens of beautiful varieties.

10. Victoria State Rose Garden, Australia

Самые красивые розовые сады мира. Фото

The most extravagant rose garden in the world itself has the shape of a flower — the Tudor rose, symbol of England. The five petals of the group planted the rose bushes. Track from height of bird’s flight looks like a stem. “Sheet” was formed in honor of the centenary of the Federation of Australian varieties, and “Bud” consists of the English roses.

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