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The most beautiful places in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Photo

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. ФотоTen of the most interesting places.

Ukrainian Carpathians – is a whole box of unexplored opportunities and beautiful locations that are new make us look at Ukraine. The natural resources of mountains, waterfalls, ancient palaces and castles on the rocks – all this must see with your own eyes at least once in your life.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1) Palanok Castle

In Mukachevo in Transcarpathia is one of the most ancient Ukrainian castles: castle “Palanok”. Medieval walls hide many mysteries and secrets.

The majestic fortress towering over the city — the main attraction of the ancient Mukachevo. Cozy Transcarpathian town situated on the banks of the river Latoritsa. It was erected on a smooth, almost flat area, no slopes and hills. If you look at the city from above, it looks like he’s laying in front of the audience in the palm of your hand. The majestic towers above the Mukachevo castle for the Foundation, it is a mountain of volcanic origin. There is a legend that the hill poured the men, but the labor cost them terrible agony — hence Mukachevo.

To get to the castle everyone: you only need to get Mukachevo and give yourself the trouble to climb to the locking gate. When you cross the bridge over the deep moat, you will have to wait for the cash register, where you can simply pay the entrance or book in addition to the tour. “Palanka” is equally welcome tourists and independent travelers who prefer to consider the old wall without the help of a guide. On the grounds of the castle are not only of historical exposition — souvenir shops and cafes. On the lower tier of the fortress you can sit down to relax, drink coffee or hot wine. Stroll through the underground passages of the castle is interesting, but much more interesting to take the tour — it won’t be expensive.The tour lasts almost 2:00 am: guests are introduced to the life and history of the fortress, tell legends and real historical facts, sometimes hit more imagination.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

2) Synevir Lake

Lake Synevyr, without exaggeration, a legend of the Carpathians. This is the most mysterious lake of Ukraine. Look for this gem is among the rocks and forests of the mountain massif Gorgany Internal, on lands of the national Park of the same name.

The sea Eye of Carpathians is situated at an altitude of about thousand metres above sea level, its maximum depth is 24 m. Sinevir is located high in the mountains and its waters are so deep that the lake does not get warm even in summer. The hot day and warm are only a meter or two of water, if we dive deeper, you will burn ice cold.

Water Synevyr clean and clear so that it feels good trout — fish that can only live in crystal clear water. There was a lake in an earthquake, flocking to him three mountain streams, maintaining a high level of water at any time of the year. Surface of a lake sparks with blue, but exactly in the middle of the water is rectified by a small island. This picture is like blue eyes with dark eye in the middle — so Synevyr and got their second, a very romantic name: Morskie Oko.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

3) Waterfall Shypit

On the Northern slopes of Borzhava valley, where stands the mountain Gemba, the steep cliffs and forests hid the waterfall Shipot. Sometimes only the deep roar of the waters may suggest that there is a nearby stream with a picturesque waterfall. The closest to this natural attractions of the village Pylypets. But it is easy to get to and from other villages: the Upper or Lower Studena, especially because of the various pensions and hotels arrange bus tours for those wishing to see one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine.

To admire the cascades can be any season: in winter the river does not freeze completely, so you can see how the crystal flow coming from the cliffs. To approach the waterfall from both the top and bottom of the landscape will be equally attractive. However, the best time to meet Spikes in spring, when the slopes of Gemba snow is melting, filling the stream.

The waterfall mentioned in the pages of literary works.The annual festival of subcultures that occurs in the friendly waters of the river Pylypets, was the main motive of the novel “a Little darkness” of lyubko Deresh. Summer celebration at Sepatu begin with the first day of July and end on Midsummer. This holiday is especially loud, with all the traditional elements and color.However, for supporters of a peaceful rest July is not the best time to see the famous fountain. It’s getting too noisy, and not all guests of the festival performing numerous requests to keep clean.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

4) Nevitsky castle

The majestic ruins of the Palace lying between the villages of Kamenica and nevyts’ke and near rolls the waves of the river. Even from the highway you notice the grey wall and the imposing tower of the castle.The history of this castle begins in the distant XII century, When the Hungarians drew attention to the northeast and decided to be friends with Galician and Kievan princes, which began to appear of a new road through the passes, and with them — and building new. On the site of the Palace then created some sort of settlement with ditches and ramparts.

Nevitsky castle-6O quickly became clear that to overcome the Veretsky pass are not only the Slavs in Transcarpathia wave swept the Mongol invasion that destroyed the place-building Foundation. The Hungarians took the trouble to restore the fortress, and Transylvanian rulers built it, added to the construction of the donjon and the well.

The fortress has long been abandoned to their fate, although many studies and the local experts can tell a lot about its history. The destruction continued, one of the towers fell, but in the end, the reconstruction of the building. Today anyone can consider the castle near the entrance to it is free. Near the building is a “Garden of Wagner”, founded in the XIX century. It has a magnificent fountain, which does not freeze even in winter. Since 2006 the castle hold theatrical festival of wedding rituals, reproducing the ancient traditions of matchmaking.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

5) Uzhgorod castle

Uzhgorod castle hides many secrets. Underground passages connect it with other Carpathian palaces, and by night the castle is haunting the White virgin — the sad Ghost of a noblewoman.

Uzhgorod castle stands proudly above the historic city center. According to the traditions and logic of construction of military fortifications, it is located on castle hill and surrounded by a moat. Once formidable, today the castle is used as a space Museum, which is exhibiting archaeological exhibition and collected information about the geography, flora and fauna of the Transcarpathian region. But the greatest lure of the Museum building itself a fortress.

The castle was built on the edge of a steep slope, so one of its walls actually rises over the precipice. The Northern part of the structure located on this stunning hillside, the enemy never tried to attack the fortress on this side. The word “castle” is possible to imagine, an elegant structure like a tiny Palace “swallow’s Nest” or neo-romantic Palace of the counts of schönborn.But the Uzhgorod castle is a real military fortress that has seen many battles and sieges. This severe construction has only two floors, it is guarded by a formidable square tower, and on top of tourists look bleak hole of loopholes. The thickness of the walls reaches 3 meters, and fortifications designed with care genius.Even if the enemies managed to overcome strong keyhole wall, the defenders could continue the defense. Because the castle served as a hiding place, not only aristocracy, but also many citizens, located deep beneath the dungeons. In dungeons you can see the prison and the torture chamber.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

6) The Guk Waterfall

Single-stage, handsome, a walk which can be a perfect option as a winter day, and summer. Don’t hide your camera in a backpack around the fabulous scenery of the mountains horhany, video and mostly paved road along a beautiful stream Genesi with rocky ledges and high fir trees above the water!

Huk Huk waterfall — young: it was formed as a result of flooding in the postwar years. The water comes from a height of 15 meters. During the spring climbing snow and after rains in the other years it looks better: water, except the main thread, a thin thread flowing on top of the rock, generating around several minutesadd.

In winter, Guk partially frozen. If you’re lucky, you will see how rocks covered with a filigree of ice, beneath which still flows the water. Ice in the sun sparkles like a disco ball: beauty is incredible! Under a waterfall, a place to stay: there are wooden tables and benches. Over the stream there are wooden bridges — is not the ideal place for a memorable photo? In Guk can be viewed as from below and from above — there are viewing platforms, trails to them have sturdy handrails.

The hook there is a small souvenir market. Mulled wine, Carpathian tea with honey or coffee with pepper are particularly relevant in the winter when you might want the waterfall to look at, but warm nose in a fragrant drink. And Hooke is a little-known waterfall Marynarki. Also single-stage, height about 10 meters.Located on Narinari stream is a left tributary of the Reaper.

7) Kamenetsky waterfall

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

Loud stream Kamenetsky waterfall, to hear from afar. With this guide past the waterfall, you will not. The water drop height is 6 meters. In spring and early summer, when the river Kamenka flowing, waterfall becomes the most spectacular. However, you can come here at any time of the year.

Near the waterfall there are places to stay, observation deck. Directions to S. Kamenetsky Skole marked, and the trail is well Packed — certainly not be confused where to go. From Skole to go no more than 7-10 km. Exact distance depends on the starting point — from the train station to go exactly 10 km. Lifts are simple, so to reach a possible for 1.5-2 hours shaded forest.

Valley of the Kamenka river scenic: planning a walk, consider the additional time to look around. On the way to the waterfall you can climb to the Dead lake, or whatever he’s called Crane. This unique lake is rich of hydrogen sulfide, so it is not to fish: around marshland, and in the middle of the lake floating island with woven roots, branches and moss.The place is a little creepy, but beautiful in its own way.

If you a few days, you can stay in Skole, in the first day to visit Kamenetsky waterfall, lake of the Dead and to climb the mountain Key (929 m above sea level), and on the second day to go to korostiv are, and from there to climb the mountain Parashka (1268 m above sea level) or any other of the possible routes (list of routes to watch here).

Mount Parashka, in addition, you can climb and from the the skol.More about the city and tourist routes it is possible to learn here.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

8) Lake Hereshaska and it is located waterfall

With more than 7 meters high cascading waterfall is located near the famous ski resort Dragobrat. Above it — lake Hereshaska. Together they form amazing natural ensemble, and it’s just a great location for day trips.

To the West of the tourist resort and Dragobrat valley, on the river Kisva (another name — the Kosovo river) roaring waterfall it is located.Walk with g / K “Dragobrat”, to the waterfall by the mountain Stack in the direction of the top Epsinet (Dogyaska). The road from the resort to the waterfall in one direction can stretch 2-2.5 hours. The water here falls from a height of 7 meters. The spectacular view of the waterfall gains in the spring when the snow melts or in summer after heavy rains. Rise to the fountain is not easy, but the beauty of the landscapes that can be seen from the height of 1500 meters, is worth it!

A little higher it is located at 1577 metres above sea level, the lake Hereshaska lake amazing rectangular shape. The width of the lake is over 110 m, depth — up to 1.2 meters, but even on a Sunny day the water here is warmer than 11 degrees Celsius. They do not want to walk so far attractions you can rent a SUV.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

9) Waterfall Break

Breakdown is one of the few Carpathian waterfalls, which do not have far to go: it is located in the heart g. Yaremche.

On the way to Yaremche fair you are sure to pass a narrow bridge, under which buzzes Breakdown — not napoleoniche cascading waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Say, before the water drop height reached 25 metres, however, for rafting on the Prut river, the waterfall was blown up, considerably reducing its height.

Water rod coming down from the height of 8 meters. Most of the Carpathian waterfalls can be seen only from the river valleys, and a Breakdown of all possible angles. For example, you can go down to the falls from the side of the fair. You also have a rare opportunity to consider the waterfall from the top — 20 metres above the Probio stands on the pedestrian bridge.

By the way, on the left Bank of the Prut river here, but the bridge can be reached in another way — by purchasing a ticket that is suspended from the crossing. I think the speed of falling water and the dynamic force of the waterfall will impress you even more when I sweep over cascade, clinging onto a tightrope.

From the samples, by the way, up is marked tourist route to the ridge Yavirnyk. And this place is the end of rafting route Yaremchansky canyon — extreme, if there is sufficient water level in the rod, fused from Vorokhta to Yaremche.The length of this alloy is about 40 km away.

Самые красивые места в украинских Карпатах. Фото

10) The Palace Of Schönborns

A small village near the Carpathian mountains Mukachevo are tourists. This picturesque area is arranged in the sanatorium, here is a romantic place called Rock of Love, with a breathtaking view of the mountain spaces. But the main attraction is the sanatorium “Carpathians”. Not surprising: it is an institution for treatment and rest, located within the walls of the Palace of schönborns.

The towers and walls Beregvar as borrowed from the tales of chivalry, or tales of wizards and heroes. Not surprisingly, during Soviet times, the castle liked to use as a prop for filming a movie. Here filmed tale “the snow Queen” and the cult film about spies “Seventeen moments of spring”.

When the romantic Palace served as the residence and hunting house of the noble family of the counts of schönborn. At the sanatorium he become only in 1946, when in these parts and there is no hint of aristocracy. Fabulous view building — a tribute to fashion in the late nineteenth century style called “neo-romanticism”. If architects really wanted to recreate in the reality of fairy-tale palaces, combining elements of Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

The building of the Beregvar castle has a peculiar twist: it is built on an astronomical principle. This means that each element of the facility not only serves its practical function, but also has a symbolic meaning. Thus, the number of Windows is 365 — the number of days in a year. Another bricked up window in the case of a leap year. Chimneys in the Palace — 52, the same as in year weeks.12 inputs — the number of months, and the angles of the castle is decorated with 4 towers, corresponding to 4 seasons. Spires decorated with chimes and weathervanes, and on one of the towers has installed a bell that beats every hour. The building is lavishly decorated with stained glass and bas-reliefs with symbols of the Schonborn family.

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Building his residence, the count schönborn took care of train connections. Nearby stands the old station building, and from it comes the “old count road.” Railway is the most convenient way to reach the castle. It is only necessary to take the train that will take you to the station “Karpaty”. The building of the station resembles an old Palace, so mistakes stop impossible. Unfortunately, to get to the resort by the old count will be difficult — he’s blocked. The entrance to the castle is a little way from the gate, which leads to the old road.

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