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The most beautiful buildings of Northern Portugal. Photo

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. ФотоWhat is worth seeing in Portugal.

In the North-Western area of Portugal clung to the Spanish border and the Atlantic coast of the province of Minho.

The province is famous for its rich wild nature, which sets off the gray paint of the ocean. Here it often rains, so abundant nature. But the most amazing phenomenon of this region is the medieval architecture: the castles of Iron and Gold Centuries, temples and Baroque palaces.

In Minya there are two historical cities in Portugal: her first capital Guimaraes and Braga, the religious centre of the country. These romantic towns are within an hour’s drive from Porto. If you have time, be sure to mark these places on the map to a closer look at the brooding past of Portugal.

Church Of Bon Jesus

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото
Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

Braga is a Shrine – the Church of Bon Jesus do Monte (Church of the Good Christ), 1723-1811. It stands on a mountain terrace. This is one of the main pilgrimage centers of the country. To the temple mount leads to the staircase of 600 steps, is flanked by chapels and fountains. As, way up symbolizes the way of the cross of Christ on Calvary. Revne Christians climb on foot, while the wicked on the funicular. From the top of the hill offers stunning views over Braga and the surrounding area.

The Guimarães Castle

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

Thick walls and rugged design of this lock indicates its important defensive role during the middle Ages. It was here in the TWELFTH century there was a Kingdom of Portugal and gave birth to their future king, Dom Afonso Henriques.

The castle has become a place of heroic battles, but by the fifteenth century had lost its strategic importance. The fortress served as a prison, and one of the towers was dismantled for building materials for the Church. In the beginning of XX century guimarães castle was renovated, restoring its original grandeur and beauty. We recommend to climb the steep wooden staircase to the roof of the Central tower for spectacular views.

The Palace of the Dukes of Braganza

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото
Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

The Palace of the Dukes of Braganza, located in front of the chapel of são Miguel do Castelo was built in the XV century, the future first Duke of Braganza Don Alfonso. The facade of the Palace formed 39 unusual pipes of brick and its appearance resembles the architecture of France at the time, where this style was used in the construction of many palaces and mansions. And the courtyard is just beautiful.

To visit the Ducal Palace in Guimaraes, daily from 9:30 am to 6 PM. Entrance – 5 euros (on Sunday morning admission is free).


Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото
Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

Not all architectural artifacts Minho pretend to be noble or religious roots. The deeper you get in the province, the more surprised. Just as surprised that the buildings on the feet of ancient Romans. Because orrery storage for grain or victuals – invented and built by the Celts. No one knows who created this architectural wonder, but use them to this day, and even turn into a dwelling.

Citania de Briteiros

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

Citania de Briteiros is one of the bastions of Celtic civilization in Portugal, which is rooted in the Roman Empire IV century BC. It is located 14 km from Guimarães, on top of Monte de são Romão, and is a vast and impressive Acropolis. Up to the present day, the remains of the house for meetings and 150 huts. Cobbled streets, drainage testify that bred here is quite a developed society. To take a look at the fascinating artifacts found by archaeologists during excavations of the site, go to the Museum Martins Sarmento in Guimaraes, and the Museum of culture in the center of the city, where the finds are exhibited in the historical exhibition.

Chapel Of San Frutuoso

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

The origin of the impressive Chapel of San Fruttuoso, which stands in Braga, shrouded in mystery, but local legend says that the building was first built as a temple of the ancient Visigoths circa the 6th century. The chapel eventually took within its walls, a Franciscan monastery and has undergone a number of attacks and reconstructions. But the mysterious beginning of San Frutuoso highlights the building among other churches.

The Braga Cathedral

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

This temple is the pulsating nerve of Church life in the North of Portugal. It is difficult to overestimate the magnitude of influence that he once had in the region. The building consists of an eclectic set of Romanesque, Gothic, narwianski and exotic elements of the Manueline style.

The Cathedral has gathered so many stories that had to be put in the Museum of religion, which is full of gilded idols and crucifixes. If your visit will coincide with the mass, you are lucky to hear iridescent melodies emanating from the Baroque organ.

Palace Rayo

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

Palace Rayo in Braga ordered by a wealthy merchant in 1754, is one of the most luxurious examples of architecture of the Rococo in Portugal. Architect fun as they could, weaving in the building of leaves, shells, frilly teeth. Therefore, the Palace with its blue and white tiles became a sensation during the construction and continues to amaze visitors today. In the Palace there is a free Museum of history, which is at least fast to run.

Note: All the grandeur of the architecture need to look through the prism of a glass of green wine. In Minya produce the world-famous Portuguese green wine!

Самые красивые здания Северной Португалии. Фото

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