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The most awful meals in the world: top 5. Photo

Самые ужасные блюда мира: топ-5. ФотоNot all will be there.

Each country has its own linguistic and cultural characteristics.

Some cultures we understand. But if a language and culture more or less clear how things are going with the kitchen? Everything here is a little bit harder. Since there are “national” dishes in various countries that our man will call, most likely, only disgust.

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In Japan, there is one dish that is highly prized by local gourmets is eye tuna. It is often served boiled. Incidentally, this dish is very expensive.

Самые ужасные блюда мира: топ-5. Фото

However, not only the Japanese can boast of such “delights”. So, for example, Chinese gourmets prefer the dish – bird’s nest soup. To prepare it, cook dissolves in water the nest of the salangane birds. Outwardly, this “delicacy” is somewhat similar to jelly. And the cost in some establishments can reach 100 dollars per serving. And it’s still cheap, considering that a kilogram of bird’s nest can cost up to 2 thousand dollars.

This high cost is due to the fact that the so-called salanganes build their nests more than a month and do it in a cave. Therefore, to get this Jack is not so easy. As they say the Chinese dish has a beneficial effect on libido, treats asthma and even significantly strengthens the immune system.

However, some nests of the unique Chinese cooking. Next we have on the list are fried insects. To feed are almost any insects. Flying or crawling. Scorpion’s, tarantula or larva of the silkworm. In the hands of the cooks they are just ingredients. The only difference in their preparation methods.

Самые ужасные блюда мира: топ-5. Фото

Although not only in the East prefer to enjoy insects. So, for example, in the US, in Missouri, local foodies are crazy about fried grasshoppers.

So, with the starter, we figured it out. Now it’s time to look at intoxicating drinks. And again, we will delight gourmets of China. So, in China, they like to enjoy a mouse wine. Or rather, the wine of the mice. Chinese winemakers take a big pitcher of wine and put it in young mice. Importantly, they were not older than 3 days, otherwise they have starts to grow hair. Insist this wine a year, and then drink. As experts say, this wine is very good for colds, heals the liver and generally beneficial to the immune system. If someone mouse wine is not to your taste, then there is Vietnamese wine from snakes. The technology of preparation is the same, only in a VAT of wine leaving mice, and snakes. According to technologists, the therapeutic properties in this fault is not less than a rat.

Самые ужасные блюда мира: топ-5. Фото

And finally, it is quite exotic. Gourmets from Scandinavia prefer lutefisk. In fact, it is the usual dried, raw fish, soaked in an alkaline solution. After keeping her there for a few days, the fish are washed and then boiled or fried. The Scandinavians claim that translucent, jelly-like fish meat can be successfully combined with vegetables or potatoes.

Самые ужасные блюда мира: топ-5. Фото

And if you are not surprised by this, the Japanese wasp crackers certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. So, foodies, Mikado OS first boiled, then dried, then add them to the dough. After baking the cookies turn out amazing with the wasps.

Самые ужасные блюда мира: топ-5. Фото

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