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The most anticipated games of may

Самые ожидаемые игры маяIn may is expected to yield new action, strategy and other games.

May is traditionally characterized by a great number of weekends that you can devote new games or plans on passing those that only promise to come out. So, it’s time to learn the games release which is expected in may.

Close to the Sun

Release: 2 may

New steampunk-horror on the events related to the works of the great Nikola Tesla. The action takes place in the NINETEENTH century. In the story, Tesla created a floating facility, which held their amazing experiments from worldly cares and distractions. But one day something went wrong and everything went dark. To understand the causes of the disaster decided the journalist rose Archer, who bravely boarded a ship and sailed towards adventure.

Rage 2

Release: 14 may

The return of post-apocalyptic action Rage. The new game familiar world made more vivid and memorable, and the players waiting for opponents of all stripes. In the story, players will encounter a brutal Government and try to overthrow General Cross. The journey will be long and difficult, but powerful weapons and courage will help in difficult situations.

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Release: 14 may

An updated version of the simulator sniper world war II Sniper Elite V2, which was released in 2012. The updated version will have advanced lighting, good draw distance, improved special effects and high resolution textures. The player still have to penetrate into the enemy camp and damage important members of the government.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Release: 23 may

The strategy was supposed to come out in March, but then its release was postponed to may. New piece promises a romantic and realistic modes. In romanticized heroes will go to the battlefield without an escort and to inflict great damage to enemies, like characters in fantasy films. Realistic mode will be similar to previous games in the series, but with numerous innovations on the economy, politics, control of internal Affairs of the state. On the tactical map players are waiting for thousands of soldiers who will fight for the honor of their kingdoms.

The Black Masses

Release: may 2019

The player will be in a world that is populated by units of the living. But the shortage kompensiruet tens of thousands of real and ready to tear apart zombies. The player will have to combine shooting with the rapid retreat, constantly balancing on the brink of a foul. To do this you will be single and cooperative modes.

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