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The more the better: e-book Onyx BOOX Chronos with a screen 9.7 inches

The saying “less is better” may be true, but not in the segment of portable electronics. To work on a full-sized laptop to watch movies on my big tablet and big screen smartphone will contain more information at a time. The same applies to e-books: if you only read the books, it is enough for 6 inches, and if there is a need in documents, Newspapers and magazines, then you need something larger.

Take as an example a new reader Onyx BOOX Chronos. This model stands out for its really large display: 9.7 inch is already no joke. Of course, this panel of E Ink, that is, instead of liquid crystals are used in electronic inks that are not harmful to the eyes and very economical consumption of battery. But still, how convenient to use this reader in your everyday life? Let’s find out along the way and consider the novelty from all sides.



Judging a book by its cover is not worth it, but the packaging for the device is like a person to person, it first impression. Box from Onyx BOOX Chronos is big, very big, and completely white, without a hint of the other colors, except black text.

The top lid has a magnetic fastening and shows the model name of the book and its unique logo. View from the bottom and will see a lot of information: a brief description of the functionality of the device, its competitive advantages, as well as the characteristics that are most relevant to the consumer.

Not enough is only one full – sized rendering of the book itself, there is only a small image, much information about the design not provide. Images of the device have to search online.



In the box with 90% of e-books sold in Russia, you will find only data cable for charging, manual and warranty card. With Onyx BOOX Chronos all the more interesting: these components available, but are not limited to all.

The book is available in a set of network memory at 1 amp and very high quality protective case that often can be bought only separately. Here all at once in a set, so fragile screen E Ink can not survive.



In terms of hardware from most of the books Onyx BOOX model Chronos differs only in the size of its screen, and this is a very big plus, as Onyx finished electronic component and brought it to mind, and at the end there is no doubt neither in its quality nor stability.

Information on the characteristics of Onyx BOOX Chronos is on the site of the manufacturer, on the box and in the instructions supplied.

– screen: 9.7 inch, E Ink Carta, 1200х825 pixels, multi-touch, Snow Field;

– backlight: Moon Light, brightness;

– processor: 2 cores, 1 GHz;

– memory: RAM 512 MB, ROM 8 GB, microSD up to 32 GB;

interfaces: microUSB 2.0, microSD, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 n;

– firmware: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, a native interface;

– work with the formats: TXT, HTML, RTF, FB3, FB2, FB2.zip, DOC, DOCX, PRC, MOBI, CHM, PDB, DOC, EPUB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, and DjVu.

– housing: plastic, metal;

– color: black;

– battery: built-in, Li-polymer, 3000 mAh;

– dimensions: 258х177х10 mm;

– weight: 450 grams.


In this list you should pay attention to the settings screen and also on the presence of wireless modules, especially Wi-Fi that with such a large display greatly extends the capabilities of the device. This contributes to the firmware based on the Android OS – the most common mobile platform in the world.



The book Onyx BOOX Chronos has a traditional monoblock design with minor changes associated with increased dimensions of the body. This applies only to the location of the buttons control: 6-inch Onyx models, they are located on both sides of the screen, and here they are on one right side of the screen. Only four buttons, so confusing them is impossible.

The front panel of the reader is almost entirely given over to a large display, and only the dimensions of the lower frame a bit confused – it could be halved easily. The front part is made of plastic with Soft Touch coating, resistant to fingerprints. Fingerprints, of course, remain, but quickly erased with a soft cloth.

In the back we were met by a massive metal plate in almost the entire area. It is painted black with a grayish tinge and serves as an additional radiator remove heat from the internal electronics. Side and the upper side of the case not doing anything, and the bottom is button switch without led, tangible to the touch, microSD slot, microUSB interface and a barely noticeable hole with a recessed button it reboot.

The book’s design was simplified and, given the proportions, even hard – just get the feeling that holding it is a professional device.


Ergonomics and build quality

The dimensions of the Onyx BOOX Chronos leave no room to hold a book with one hand: in such a way to use it is inconvenient. The weight of the reader is very well felt, and after half an hour of use wrist begin to ache from the load, but this is the price for the big screen. If you hold a book upright, then to the side buttons is very convenient to reach with the thumb of the right hand, and they are pressed easily enough, with a nice easy click and tangible impact. By the way, the book is easy to hold on lap and she will look very good on the Desk on an inclined stand.

Build quality claims do not arise, the body of the book seems to be completely monolithic. In this instance a little uneven is the port of the microSD to the slot, but the memory card is easily fits into it and pulls back. In the process of operation, we initially had a small creak in the area of the side buttons, but over time they disappeared.



Display and software – the two main factors that will tip the scales in favor of Onyx BOOX Chronos when buying. The screen is not just big – he was big, like the 10-inch iPad, only with a slightly different aspect ratio. He is fully touch, and the touch layer responds well to touch at any point. Supported dvuhventsovye gestures, for example, pinch (pinch to zoom) to decrease and increase the font size directly in the process of reading.

Panel E Ink used here is the version of Carta, currently the most modern. There is a modification Carta Plus, but it differs only slightly higher resolution, and here it is not required because 1200х825 points is more than enough for comfortable reading, in our view. The screen improvement is applied in the form of a Snow Field technology, which the background while reading is most white to achieve a good contrast with the text. This reduces the strain on the eyes.

Works like a Snow Field with illumination, and without it, and because the basis of the e-ink screen are, he, unlike LCD panels for tablet, does not fade and remains readable in the sun. Read the book Onyx BOOX Chronos very comfortable – everything is visible even without illumination.



In reader embedded signature illuminated Moon Light on the basis of SuperBright white LEDs. Their quantity is enough to even fill the entire surface of the display, but the lower frame is observed the shadow height of slightly more than 1 millimeter. Reading this in no way prevents.

Moon Light in this model has a brightness in a fairly wide range, and given the technology Snow Field even the minimum level allows you to read in low ambient light. Comfort for the eyes was retained to about 80% brightness, and read without risk to the view is 15-20%.



Onyx BOOX Chronos comes with a durable case cover, firmly grip the reader with four legs at the corners of the housing. The top cover of the case easily opens and folds and reading did not preclude.

The accessory is made of thick high quality materials: outside is leather dark red color with embossing on the top cap, stitched around the perimeter of a solid nylon thread. Inside finishing is made of soft material black in color, velvety to the touch. He was chosen for a reason: its soft fabric will not harm neither the body nor the display, but it has one drawback: it is very much attract dust. Clean it best special roller with sticky tape.

Case shell cover has built in magnets: in the closed state, they activate the Hall sensor, which translates the book into sleep mode or energy saving. After a certain time, depending on the settings, the device itself turns off, which saves even more battery power.

The overall result of the case: to use it is definitely worth. Extra weight or thickness of the book he gives, but for additional protection, given the absence on screen of reinforced glass, will not prevent. Besides, it looks stylish and expensive.



Onyx BOOX Chronos runs on OS Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Firmware complete with its own interface from Onyx with a very simple and user-friendly design, without many menus and submenus. The OS includes a library of virtual books, file Manager, email client, calendar, calculator and access to Google Play.

Also the reader has the regular Android browser, and on the big screen they use is very convenient, as well as the email client. The display is updated fast enough, but it is still worth to use mobile versions of sites, with minimum graphics and maximum text.

Additional functions, need to read, here are the dictionary and the application of statistics. The latter is a new addition to Onyx, motivating some and upsetting to others because it shows the number of read per day or other period of time pages and maybe even build a graph of pages read from time to time. Use the application very easily. The dictionary will tell the meaning of a word and its translation from English – can be entered manually or copied directly from the text of the book or document.

The highlight of the Onyx BOOX firmware Chronos is an app for reader Oreader. It is a kind of program-the harvester, understanding more than 15 modern formats of books and documents and endowed with a wide range of settings. The core Oreader apply text scaling on the fly, the choice of font, line spacing, paragraphs, indents and so on. There are bookmarks and even built-in statistics reading is a small progress bar at the bottom of the screen indicating the number of read and remaining pages.

Oreader able to search by words, table of contents and page numbers, plus this program has a full screen mode where the display shows only the text of the book. A nice bonus is the ability to adjust the brightness of the backlight Moon Light directly from the application interface. In addition, you can configure the action to press the side buttons, but they can not be used to turn pages by touching the screen.



Reader Chronos imprisoned in the first place under documents, in particular, under DJVU and PDF. Both formats are subject to identical size of the file it opens the same time.

The document weight of 300 MB containing drawings, photos, calculations, formulas and text, the book opens up in about 25-30 seconds completely, in the process of reading podlahoviny not observed. Normal books reader clicks like seeds, they performance 2-core processor is more than enough.

To download the book from the moment you press the power button to ready to work takes about 20 seconds. The system does not brake and does not freeze – it was removed from almost all software from Google, whose presence in the e-book is not required, and increased productivity.

At the end, Chronos is fast, the book opens for a few moments, the page turns on the fly, but the DOC doesn’t really like: a couple of times when opening documents, the device spontaneously rebooted. With other formats had no such problems.


Work offline

Power system Onyx BOOX Chronos is the battery capacity of 3000 mAh. During operation, the battery is practically not heated, and load it from memory can complete in 4 hours. Also a book you can charge and 2-amp adapter, and in this case, the entire process will take just over 2 hours.

In idle mode, the book has been 10 days and was discharged 30 percent, for a total of about a month of battery life, if you put it on the shelf included. In the reading mode is a very good saving energy, and we obtained the following indicators of autonomy:

– without backlight: 25000 pages;

– illuminated 25%: 17000 pages;

– backlight 50%: 14000 pages;

– 100% backlight: 8500 pages.



E-book on the big screen is the choice of those who read mostly at home and prefer to get maximum text on the display. Large screen Onyx BOOX Chronos gives the opportunity and even allows you to use the Internet without switching on the tablet. In fact, it can almost completely replace it, having in the Arsenal of the Android OS-enabled applications. As a professional reader for reading documents Chronos is indispensable: high-resolution enough to display drawings, diagrams, formulas and other specific graphic information.


Pros Onyx BOOX Chronos

– large screen with backlight;

– Android with access to Google Play;

– good autonomy;

– durable metal casing;

– case included;

– increased productivity.


Cons Onyx BOOX Chronos

– microUSB;

– 1-amp charger included.

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