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The moon has noticed the unusual phenomenon

На Луне заметили необычное явлениеAgain, the scientists noticed a strange glow on the moon

A few days ago, an international team of astronomers have reported strange flashes on the lunar surface. Strange flashes of light were seen again.

Ufologists said about the alien origin of the strange glow on the moon’s surface. Experts have divided into two camps. Some argue that flash indicate that the aliens are preparing an attack on Earth. Others believe that in this way the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations influence the life of humans. Ufologists believe that NASA hides a lot from people.

A strange glow appeared on the dark side of the moon and lasted about an hour. Scientists were able to photograph the glowing point. Astronomers puzzled by strange activity on the moon’s surface. At the moment the nature of the strange light flashes remains a mystery for astronomers and ufologists. First glow on the dark side of the Wave was recorded more than a hundred years ago.

We will remind that earlier it became known that from the natural satellite of the Earth broke off a giant asteroid.

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