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The monster from “quiet places”

The case when the monster is not only terrible, but eared.

Of course, the main advantage of Monstration of a “quiet place” is that we have them there is almost not seen. In promotional materials until the last moment concealed as they look, and in the final trailer showed a very fast, sketchy. And that’s good, because the unknown has two remarkable properties: it is intriguing and scary.

But “a Quiet place” has already died down in the box, and now these monsters to see it. Fortunately, the network appeared the corresponding concept art.

Well, they look quite nice, but not to say that’s very original. As we know, these creatures are terribly sensitive to sounds, so artists put their heads big ears, which, however, there is very ergonomically built and with a slight movement of the skull hiding inside. Well, the rest, I think this is simply a hybrid of the arachnids from “starship troopers” and Demogorgon from “strange Affairs.”

Perhaps something similar can be said about the “Quiet place” in General: very intriguing story, which was very simple but well-cut genre movie. However, the audience in the most part happy with it (although many grumble about the logic of the characters), Stephen king, delighted actually, box office is great. It is not surprising that “silent place 2” is already in development.

The original is soon it will be possible to see the house: 26 Jun “Quiet place” will appear on iTunes, and July 10, will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD.

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