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The minute retro: Frida Kahlo created a legendary image

Frida Kahlo

It took 60 years after the death of Frida Kahlo, and the phenomenon of her popularity is still not solved. Not only is she eclipsed her husband, Diego Rivera, who initially was considered a great artist in their pair, but has become more popular, for example, the iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. If you are in Moscow and have not yet decided how to spend the weekend, then I advise you to look in the “arena” where the exhibition “Viva la Vida. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Paintings and drawings from museums and private collections”. And yet talk about how the artist created his legendary image: red lips and drawn with pencil thick eyebrows.

The fact that Frida Kahlo was ahead of its time, no doubt served. The Mexican artist has created the image of the courageous feminists who used makeup not just as a means of expression and a tool of his work.

Last summer in the Victoria and albert Museum in London opened an exhibition of Frida’s personal belongings, including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories that saved her husband Diego Rivera and which were kept in the famous “blue house” in Mexico city pairs. Due to the exposure we were able to find out what lay in the mind of the artist.

In the end, Frida painted their eyebrows with such skill, in which she wrote his iconic work such as “the Two fridas” (1939) and “the Broken column” (1944).
She had a special skill of applying makeup, she spent a lot of time on creating a natural look. She was always beautifully painted and well dressed, even when not expecting company. She is of course able to apply themselves— once said to a close friend Kahlo and Olga Campos.

The emergence of Kahlo has always been a thrill. People stopped and looked at her in surprise, recalled Edward Weston, who photographed Frida during a visit to San Francisco in 1930.

She wore her long dark hair into a tight braid, pinned them high on head and adorned with a crown of fresh flowers and colorful silk ribbons. Then she applied the cream for dry skin Pond’s, added a veil of loose rice powder Coty, neatly combed thick eyelashes, progresiva their black pigment from Talika. This tool was invented in Paris for the treatment of burns in soldiers, but as it turned out, it is also well stimulated hair growth.

You know that Helena Rubinstein, owner of the eponymous beauty Empire, was a passionate fan of Kahlo’s creativity. She was a collector of paintings and the artist at the time sent her as a gift compact powder its brand.

Kahlo not only refused to use forceps, but, on the contrary, did bushy, fused on the nose the eyebrows of your chip. Rivera somehow compared them with bird wings Calo then drew their eyebrows in the form of wings on the self-portrait 1946. To further emphasize your arch, she used a black pencil from your favorite brand Revlon, which opened a production base in Mexico in 1948.

Judging from her memorable self-portraits, Kahlo loved to put on the face dark red and purple accents, for example, applied lipstick and a little blush, and nail lacquer covers — all in a single color, red or orange, sometimes bright pink in the color of your favorite tippet.

She is particularly fond of fondant, often kissed the envelopes with letters and photographs, leaving red prints. It adored bright pink Revlon lipstick in the shade Ravishing Rose and her favorite lipstick called All rose and a bottle of nail Polish Frosted Pink Snow. The finishing touch — the scent of Chanel No. 5— says the exhibition curator Claire Wilcox.
Makeup was just another tool that Frida Kahlo used to create their own identity — she’s never done something just like that. Makeup has become one of ways of struggle. When the body is beginning to let her down, the face became a canvas with which she creates a new self— confident Claire.

Due to a bout of polio one of her legs was much shorter and thinner than the other. At the age of 18, Kahlo was in a terrible accident when the train in which she was riding collided with a school bus. She’s in three places was broken spine, broken collarbone, ribs, pelvis. Right leg fractured in eleven places and the foot was crushed. A month Frida lay on her back, encased in plaster from head to toe.

In the accident it literally there is not a single living space. All her bones were broken. Before to get back on their feet, Frida had endured several years of pain and underwent more than thirty operations.

I was saved by a miracle. Because at night in the hospital around my bed dancing death

— she said Diego.

But the worst thing — the abdomen and uterus of the girl was pierced through with an iron pin broken off the railing. Because of this injury, Frida was unable to become a mother. Having gone through several miscarriages with bleeding threatening her life, at the age of 43 she lost her toes on one foot — she has gangrene. This was followed by a severe operation on my spine.

Long skirts hid her disfigured leg, and loose blouses with no waist concealed special orthopedic corset, which she was forced to wear to support the spine is damaged.

Just to divert attention from the lower body, Kahlo focused on her face and hair. She wanted not to hide their most unusual features (such as whiskers on the upper lip, which she had never shaved), but rather to emphasize them.

Confirmation is one of her early self-portraits called “Very ugly.”
From my face I only like the eyebrows and eyes. Nothing more. I have a mustache and I am more like a man, wrote Kahlo.

If a woman keeps a unibrow, it puts itself on the fashion. That woman was Frida Kahlo. She was not ashamed of his facial hair, his broken body, she has transformed my eyebrows in the brand name, trying to change people’s perceptions of femininity and beauty, wrote Desmond Morris in the book “the Naked man”.

Unibrow was compared to “a bird flying over piercing black eyes.” As one critic wrote, “maybe Frida is interesting and creative woman, but her one eyebrow. She runs down her face like the great wall of China, and like the wall it is, in all probability, seen from the moon”.

It’s eyebrows have become one of the biggest problems for Judy Chin makeup artist, which in 2002 was painting Salma Hayek on the set of the biographical film “Frida.” Chin had painstakingly glued the extra hairs of the Angora wool by hand, one by one.

Kahlo loved bright lipstick, and blush — her smile is felt not only confidence but also a sense of insecurity. I tried to convey this through eye makeup, playing with the chiaroscuro. To make a little round and young face Hayek like a hard oval Frida, I used the technique contouring, adding a little softness to her look with soft pink blush and lipstick,— said the expert on makeup.

With age, when health has deteriorated Frida, her makeup is noticeably more vivid and intense. This beauty evolution is best illustrated by the work of Nicolas Muray, a photographer for Vogue, who was one of the first to use color photography and with whom Kahlo met for ten years. He captured her against a green flowered Wallpaper, which can be considered her signature makeup: rosy cheeks, bright orange lipstick and glittery nails.

In the life of Frida Kahlo looked unconventional, and she didn’t try to disguise what was called masculine traits. Her fearlessness and confidence made her a role model for independent, free-thinking women who don’t necessarily want to conform to conventional norms of beauty.

Today, Kahlo remains a real pioneer, inspiring women around the world. Maybe we should throw away the tweezers and lipstick red lipstick?

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