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The Ministry presented a “White paper” special operations against Ukraine

Министерство презентовало «Белую книгу» спецопераций против УкраиныThe publication contains an information attack on Ukraine for 2014-2018.

The Ministry of information policy presented the publication “White book special information operations against Ukraine, 2014-2018”. The book presented today by the Deputy Minister Dmitry Zolotukhin.

“This is not just a list of scenes and stories is a concept of vision that we offer to our colleagues in education and in journalism and in public sector bodies. The concept of how to look at the situation that is unfolding in the information space” – said Zolotukhin.

The publication gathered a fakes by Russian propaganda to undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine, discredit in the international arena, the panic spread and other similar purposes. The book is structured as a set of “series” with several “seasons” in each, which show a consistent use of the same the Russian propagandists during 2014-2018.

In particular, among such conventional “series”: “Pocket LIH”, “Crimes of the APU and the Minsk agreements,” “Flight MH17: from Carlos – before the Russian “Beech”, “Invisible division of the Western countries in Ukraine”, “the Battle for EU”, “Search Ukrainian weapons”, “International courts and the lies of the Kremlin”, “Ukraine “a Failed state” and “Schizophrenia occupant: between the Zoryan Shkiryak and”.

Electronic version of the book published on the MIP website.

Meanwhile, “white books” in the United States, Britain and other English-speaking countries is called official statement or the collection of official data with the position of the Ministry, so that the reader can receive the necessary information about the event or to make a decision. This is the first “White book” published by the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine.

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