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The Ministry of health cut nutrition standards for children

Минздрав урезал нормы питания для детей The Ministry of health reduced the rate of caloric needs for children of different ages

The Ministry of health decided to revise the daily dietary needs of children, as children today are eating more junk food and not exercise enough. According to statistics of the world health organization, every third teenager in Europe are obese. And according to the Ukrainian Ministry of health, Ukraine – tens of thousands of children with such problems. The problem with overweight in Ukraine is gaining momentum. So, if in 2002, obesity was only 1.4% of children in 2014 is 2.4% and this number continues to grow.

“Despite ongoing efforts to combat the problem of childhood obesity, every third teenager in Europe is still overweight or obese. The highest rates are found in southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Of particular concern is the fact that the epidemic is growing in Eastern Europe, where the rates have traditionally been lower,” says Suzanne Jakab, Director European regional Bureau of who. The report noted that 39.2% of Ukrainian children every day eat sweets. And, for example, in Slovenia, only 15.8%, which proves the imbalance of power in Ukraine.

“Food has become more refined and there was more junk food: bakery products, beverages with a high sugar content. Now confectionery and sugary drinks available to teenagers. For children, sweets are also a symbol of encouragement, if a child’s been behaving himself, he promised candy. It forms habits of an unhealthy diet,” says Otto Strut, the chief physician of the Kiev city health center. First, changes in the nutrition of children 1-3 years – reduced caloric intake by 155 kcal. Children 4-6 years need to eat less than 300 calories. The six-year-olds the rate was reduced by 400 kcal. In 7-10 years, the rate of supply was reduced from 2400 to 2100 calories a day. In addition, doctors have reduced the daily intake of vegetable proteins and carbohydrates, but at the same time increased the demand for meat and fish. Also reduced the need for vitamin A and increased the level of vitamin D and folic acid.

“It was important to review the calories, not reduce their volume and to increase the variety. Kids eat refined food with fast carbohydrates. This reflects a global trend, including in Ukraine,” – says Otto Strut and noted that Ukrainians need to learn to eat right. For example, if the diet is potatoes, it should be boiled, not fried. If the potatoes without bread. If the bread, with other vegetables, but not potatoes. “Potatoes in healthy food does not refer to vegetables, and carbohydrates. To change the consciousness, at least in such basic approaches to food. It is necessary to form skills of healthy food preparation, healthy distribution of food throughout the day,” emphasizes the doctor.

Changing the rules is only the first step, as they will only affect the diet that children get in kindergartens and schools, but you need to take care about the catering. The Ministry of health has developed the “healthy eating Plate Ukrainians” for adults and children from two years. Experts recommend to consume at least 300 grams of vegetables and legumes per day, the same fruits and berries. In the daily diet must necessarily include whole grain products, milk and eggs, as well as at least 2-3 times a week to eat fish.

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