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The Ministry of Finance decided to allocate money to repair roads

Минфин передумал выделять деньги на ремонт дорог

The Finance Ministry plans to 2021 and cut funding for the Federal road Fund more than doubled. Therefore, the Foundation set up specifically for repair and maintenance of highways, may receive less 340 billion.

To save the Finance Ministry proposes to transfer the budget funds collected from excise taxes on gasoline and oil. The bill proposed by the Ministry, said that in 2018 in FDF will be transferred 54% of the collection from the excise tax in 2019 — 37%, and in 2020 only 36%. The Ministry of transport noted that 2014 was a transition to one hundred percent financing of Federal highways at the established for their maintenance and repair standards.

According to experts, the savings on the repair of the highways could lead to a sharp deterioration of their quality.


The excise tax on automotive fuel and oil has always been a source of financing road infrastructure. So it’d be weird if the money will be spent on some other purpose, said head of the Department of road design of the Moscow state automobile and road technical University (MADI) Paul Pospelov. According to him, the financing of this sector through a separate funds – international practice, write “Izvestia”.

However, in developed countries they are controlled by the government, and relevant civil society organizations shaping the strategy of development of transport infrastructure in accordance with the needs of the population. This virtually eliminates the possibility of using the funds for any needs, except the road, said the specialist.

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