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The Ministry expects growth of registered unemployment in Russia by 20% by 2021

Минтруд ждет рост регистрируемой безработицы в России на 20% к 2021 году

Ministry of labor forecasts growth in the number of officially registered unemployed by 20% by 2021. The growth of the actual unemployment officials are not waiting.

How to write “Izvestia”, the Ministry of labour forecasts to 2021, the number of officially registered at the labor exchange of unemployed Russians will rise to 900 thousand people in 2022 will not change. In 2019, this figure ranged from 645 thousand in November to 818 thousand in April.

Also, officials estimated unemployment by the standards of the International labour organization (ILO). Its level is estimated on the basis of polls, not the official data of the labor exchanges. Now in Russia the figure is 4.6% of the workforce or 3.4 million people. In the forecast of the Ministry of labor stated that the absolute rate in the coming years will not exceed this value. The relative may even fall to 4.5%.

The Agency expects that in fact the number of unemployed will not change significantly. But more and more Russians will look for work through employment services.

Other indicators of the labor market until 2022, will not change significantly. The number of employed in the economy of Russians will increase by 1%, while the number of working pensioners — less than 1%. The number of migrant workers will grow by 5%.

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