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The milky way waiting for a cosmic disaster, scientists

Млечный путь ждет космическая катастрофа, - ученыеExperts believe that our galaxy will not be able to miss the Andromeda galaxy.

Scientists said that the milky way waiting for a cosmic disaster. Experts believe that our galaxy can’t miss with a neighbor – the Andromeda galaxy, and will collide with it in 4 billion years. This is a new scientific version of Armageddon.

Scientists estimate that galaxies are still closing at a speed of 140 km/s, but this is not the limit. Over time, the rate of convergence can be increased several times. While the milky way saves a large distance from Andromeda, but he clashes can not be avoided. However, this is not the beginning of the end. Astronomers say that these “skirmishes” of galaxies occur regularly. They can join. As a result, they can both die, one can survive, and maybe “lost” will both.

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There is still a probability that the collision can be born a new galaxy. Scientists theorize that a collision is likely to entail the explosion of the Sun and turning it into a supernova. And our world is all almost certainly will end the very life will die in radioactive flames. According to experts, is a chance to survive only on gas giants like Jupiter.

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