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The milky Way found an unusual galaxy

Возле Млечного Пути найдена необычная галактикаThe galaxy is large but sparse and dull.

The initial goal of the study was to find data about variables, RR Lyrae. This is a fairly common and ancient stars characteristic of the ancient accumulations and convenient for measuring astronomical distances. Several of them indicated the presence of near Galaxies previously unknown neighbor.

The location was quite inconvenient most of the time it was hidden in a relatively dense substance of the milky Way. The researchers were able to obtain images of 100 red giants, which are located in the galaxy, after which she disappeared from sight.

Observations from the Ground confirmed that the stars in Ant 2 move the related group, is not converging with our Galaxy closer than 40 kiloparsec (130 thousand light years). Like many other dwarf galaxies, Ant 2 – quite old, and most of its stars are old, small and with a low metallicity (content of elements heavier than helium). Across the galaxy reaches one third of the milky Way and can be compared with the Large Magellanic cloud.

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