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The military situation in Ukraine hit the top 10 events for the Russians

Военное положение в Украине попало в топ-10 событий для россиянThe main events for the citizens of the Russian Federation in 2018: opening of the Crimean bridge, pension reform, and presidential elections.

The opening of the Kerch bridge was the most important event in 2018 to the Russians. This is evidenced by a survey by the Levada center.

The launch of the bridge across the Kerch Strait became the most memorable event for 47 percent of Russians. Pension reform has become a major event for 46 percent of respondents. For 37 per cent of respondents such event was the election of the President.

Next in importance follows the world Cup in Russia and the fire in the shopping center of Winter cherry, which killed more than 40 children.

The conflict between Kiev and Moscow in the Kerch Strait, as well as the military situation in Ukraine were the most important events for 25 percent of Russians. Fire in the Kerch College remembered 28 percent of respondents.

The ten key events for the Russians also included military action in Syria, the winter Olympics in South Korea and the performance of the Russian athletes under a neutral flag, the military conflict in Donbas and the loss of “head of DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko, the protests over the presidential elections and raising the retirement age.

45 percent of Russians said that in 2018 in Russia was more complicated than 2017. With more than a third (38 per cent) of respondents said that for them, and 2018 were also harder than the previous one, but for 50 per cent of survey participants this year was the same as last. For 13 percent of the year has been better than the past.

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