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The militants showered with ridicule well-known Russian propagandist

Боевики осыпали насмешками известного российского пропагандистаPrilepin gave a joking matter.

Militants “DNR” Eugene Chinanski ridiculed the Russian writer, propagandist of the Kremlin and the action of Zakhar Prilepin for his photo with “advanced” in a perfectly pure form. Chinanski about this wrote on his page in a forbidden Russian social network “Vkontakte”.

The action drew attention to the absolutely clean and shiny part of the door of the jeep Prilepin, and on a clean face and hands of the militants in the frame.

Боевики осыпали насмешками известного российского пропагандиста

“This, friends, best, yeah. So advanced in “DNR” and will look if someone does not know. And don’t be so mean. Says advanced it means everything to believe! Moreover, not huhry-muhry. And the male with his entourage… Oh, with co-workers. Do not be confused by pure open door of the jeep in the frame. On Peredovoy all the neat jeep move, and you sho did not know. Let not confuse neat handles and muzzles of the soldiers. For wash. The absence of trenches and even the rare shells you catch? So the characters in the trenches are not hidden, and a bullet at the enemy standing at full height and masterfully caught with his free hand extracted the shells,” wrote the Thriller.

“And the armor prilepina you can observe strap wounds, as many as four heavy. Or is not injured? And if not injury, then what XP*on this is there? That’s right, for beauty! And now the highlight… note the guy in Panama near the male by Prilepine. Let’s see what he holds in his hand. See? And he holds a cap. Tell me, Nahr*, being in Panama, to hold in your hand and someone’s cap? Pay attention to the color of this cap that perfectly fits the color of the camouflage Prilepin. It turns out the lad is on the position of kakonona? It is an honor! And don’t think about what fancy dress Prilepin stopped in a vacant lot especially for the photo and for that matter wearing a helmet and given time to hold his hat for the kid who hit the shot and I slept. No! This is a real progressive with real soldiers. Believe it. Because of this poor pepper show on TV, he’s all heroic on the tonsils,” said the terrorist.

Боевики осыпали насмешками известного российского пропагандиста

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