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The militants said about the detention of “saboteurs SBU”

Боевики заявили о задержании «диверсанта СБУ»The so-called “MGB” held a “special operation” in the back room of one of the “polling stations”.

The terrorists occupied by Pro-Russian militants in the Donetsk region said that prevented the failure of the “election” of a new leader of the “Republic” detained “saboteur” of the security Service of Ukraine.

This was stated by the representative of the so-called “Ministry,” Mikhail Popov.

“As a result of counterintelligence activities prevented the diversion of the SBU aimed at disrupting the elections of heads and deputies of National Council”, – said Popov.

According to the militants, November 11 at the premises of one of the “polling stations” was arrested, “the agent of the SBU”.

“Agent” allegedly wanted to pass the device incendiary member of the precinct election Commission, and he had to lay this device in a container with ballots.

“The device electropotential and timer should have worked after transportation of the container and others with other polling stations to the CEC. Subsequently, it would start a massive fire, which could lead to numerous casualties,” write the Russian media.

According to the fighter, this “diversion” suggests that “the Kiev regime” tried to disrupt the elections in “DNR”.

As reported, on November 11 occupied by Pro-Russian militants Ukraine, ORDA held pseudo-elections, which recognize neither Kiev nor the West.

The head of the so-called “DNR” illegally “elected” Denis Pushilin, head of the “LC” – Leonid beekeeper. Surkov was one of the first congratulated them on their “victory.”

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