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The militants forced to dig trenches civilians

Боевики заставляют копать окопы мирных жителейInformation discussed in social networks.

In “DNR” people who are detained in the curfew, put in a temporary detention facility for 15 or 30 days, as a rule, people in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, to arrest brought to the hospital for examination for the presence of alcohol in the blood.

This information is discussed in social networks, “the Donetsk news” confirmed.

“Already done, sho up in the morning and went home” – written in one of the groups in the social network. Users are actively discussing this “innovation” in “DNR”, opinions were divided: Elena: “30 days imprisoned and sent to dig trenches, so 22:50 houses need to be…

My child doesn’t have time for 10 minutes near the entrance was taken, but it was early summer, I spent a night in jail and was released, now if not pass, then 30 days sent to dig trenches, city revenge, etc.”; Sergei: “Right, sit at home and do not protrude.

Free proud Donetsk”; Bogdan: “to Put in the bullpen person for a fortnight only from the fact that he is home from work don’t have time … insanity!”;

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