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The merger of two white dwarfs: Russian astronomers have discovered rare cosmic object

Слияние двух белых карликов: российские астрономы открыли редкий космический объект

While Elon Musk is busy with vessels of the U.S. air force due to the fact that the latter chose other suppliers of rocket engines RD-180, Russian scientists make significant discoveries in the field of space. Recently astronomers from the Moscow state University found extremely interesting object for research is the result of the merger of two long-dead stars.

The journal Nature published a progress report, which tells of the extreme rarity of the cosmic body, found using images of an artificial satellite. Scientists drew attention to the gas nebula in the center of which was discovered a bright star. Unusual object located ten thousand light-years from Earth in the direction of the constellation Cassiopeia.

In turn, scientists from the German nursery-governess, to help their Russian colleagues, concluded that the pre-merger stars were white dwarfs that have cooled down. Although this condition is stars is usually a sign of imminent death, these bodies chose a different path, joining and crimson again.

Well, at this time, the space industry of the USA is occupied by numerous courts over the multimillion-dollar contracts. Recall, the company SpaceX Elon musk is not the first time suing the USAF for tenders for missile launches. Apparently, the scientific progress for the residents of the States means absolutely nothing, and the only thing they care about is to put the money in his pocket.


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