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The Mercedes G550 SUV has stylish tuning

Внедорожник Mercedes G550 получил стильный тюнингTuners from Brabus have decided to work on the “Gaelic” Mercedes G550

Timeless design, great handling and maneuverability – that’s a recipe for success in the automotive market, we demonstrated a model of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Moreover, the classic SUV is love and attention not only among buyers but also among tuners.

Famous Studio Brabus has presented a new project with the SUV G550.

Despite the prestige model, alloy wheels red and a number of modifications, the car would look harmoniously in the service in the desert.

This effect is created by painting in sand color. Shade is different from Desert Sand offered by Mercedes in the new generation. Except for color it added some additional lighting equipment in the bumper and the roof.

In addition to coloring, LEDs with CDs, not everyone will notice the add-on (who is not familiar with the model). Brabus also added a special body kit that includes new bumpers, fender flares and chrome step.

Of the interior previous-generation Mercedes-Benz G-Class was chosen as the combination of black and red leather with diamond stitching. According to the tuner, on the seats, door panels and floor mats were used material premium.

Unfortunately the cost of improvements and the kit is not reported, but we clearly show that the previous generation SUV, it is still early to bury.

Внедорожник Mercedes G550 получил стильный тюнинг
Внедорожник Mercedes G550 получил стильный тюнинг

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