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The Melania trump demands from Daily Mail $150 million over allegations of prostitution

Fotodom / Rex Features

The first lady of the United States, the Melania trump intends to obtain $ 150 million from the publication of The Daily Mail, which, according to MS trump’s ruining her reputation.

We are talking about publishing the summer of 2016, when the editors of the online edition stated that the wife is now the current President of Donald trump in his youth he provided escort services. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Fotodom / Rex Features

Earlier, Melanie has approached the court by submitting an application to the city court of Maryland, but rejected it due to the fact that the court had no right to conduct business related to foreign organizations.

Then Mrs. trump decided to act again and filed a lawsuit for the publication and libel in the Central court already in new York.

Fotodom / Rex Features

As it became known, in case of loss of the newspaper will have to pay Melani penalty for moral damage, and this is no less than $ 150 million!

At the moment the proceedings hidden from the public, however many people believe that these words of The Daily Mail will have to pay.

Меланья Трамп из Словении — бывшая фотомодель/East News

 В 1999 году девушка снималась для журнала Allure, владельцем которого является бизнесмен/East News

Спустя пять лет красавица стала официальной женой предпринимателя, который старше ее на 24 года/East News

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