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The meeting of two Pennywise on one chic Arte

With someone just drove in last time soupspicy icon of horror, Pennywise awesome performance by bill Skarsgard. The dancing Clown managed to socatots with the Babadook, to compete with Batman and to meet with his arch enemy the Joker, as well as to transform into a cake and watches. The imagination of fans really has no limits!

But now the long-awaited “date”. On cool fan art, made by Colombian artist known on DeviantArt under the name platform alejowar, Pennywise meets… Pennywise! Just another, no less iconic – the same one who was reincarnated great Tim Curry in the distant 1990 for the TV version “It”. However, feuding clowns clearly do not intend to – as the performers, because Curry admitted that he is delighted with the work of the successor. So the children of the 90s – the clown on the right, kids 10-x – left! Let’s see who the fans will get more.

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