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The media explained why Russia lost the “great game” around Africa

СМИ объяснили, почему Россия проиграла в «большой игре» вокруг Африки

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not succeed in “African game”, writes Foreign Policy.

As the newspaper notes, in the first summit Russia-Africa Putin wanted “to show everything that has to offer his country” on the background of geopolitical struggle for influence on the continent with the United States and China. In addition, the Russian leader had intended thereby to restore Russia’s status of “great power”.

However, the article says, part of Moscow’s plans concerning Africa were not realized, but the part had failed because of a number of political blunders. Economic cooperation is poorly developed — only 3.7% of the Russian goods coming to Africa and African goods to Russia accounted for 1.1% of imports.

In South Africa, the Russian authorities tried to establish contact with President Jacob Zuma for the contract for the construction of a nuclear power plant. However, after high-profile corruption scandal, the government of Zuma resigned, and his successor refused the Treaty with Moscow.

In Sudan, Russia supported the “dictator,” Omar al-Bashir, which almost jeopardized the cooperation between the two countries. In particular, for Russia is of great importance, the naval base on the Red sea.

Madagascar Russian “Troll factory” tried to influence the election, says the author. However, there are Internet users only 9.8% of the population, and this tactic has not worked.

In Guinea, the Ambassador of Russia called for the adoption of a constitutional amendment that will allow President alpha Conde to retain his post, although the policy is not popular among the population.

“Although Putin has been successful in many of his daring undertakings in Europe and the middle East… his aggressive maneuvers in Africa involve explicit costs. When Russia goes too far, Africans from her distanciruemsa… in addition, according to surveys of public opinion in Africa, 75% of respondents in favor of free and fair elections”, — experts say.

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