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The market travels in Turkey we have added new company

На рынке путешествий в Турцию появлась новая компанияIn the Ukrainian travel company, noted that the new direction at all times was a daunting task.

In the coming summer season in Turkey made a bid a few new tour companies. One of them — GTO Travel Company, positioning itself as a tour operator distant destinations. The plans are quite ambitious: the company took a large block of seats on flights Atlas Global from Kiev and Odessa to Antalya. The flights will be operated three times a week from Kiev and twice a week from Odessa.

Expansion in the mass segment Director GTO Travel Company Mikhail Tyurin explained as follows: in the summer his company was involved not as active as in the winter, because specializiruetsya mostly in exotic countries, which are in demand mostly in winter navigation. And this gap of time to fill. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“The more that we have financial and technological capacities to be active all year round. Besides, we count on our own strength, but also on the work of our Kazakh partner, the company “Kompas-tour”, which has been working in Turkey and there is good Contracting. The main clientele we see in those who are focused on medium and premium segment,” – adds Mikhail Tyurin.

Its tourism product in Turkey also promotes the tourism Alliance of tour operators, which includes companies such as “Yan Tur”, Discovery, A-Touristik International , Dream Travel, “Thirst for Travel”, LCT Tour. As in the case of GTO Travel Company, these companies focused on selling high-quality tourist product, which is also formed on the basis of Global transportation Atlas, where members of the Alliance take both soft and hard blocks. “We welcome the desire of all small operators who want to join the program and are ready to provide them with the blocks on your flight,” –said commercial Director “Ian Tur” Julian Ivashchenko.

In General, optimistic, and representatives of the Turkish tourist industry. As noted by the regional Director of the Turkish host company Catttour Tanks Kara Kush flies, the emergence of new players means increased competition and the possibility of a future increase in tourist traffic.

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