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The market disappeared several cheap brands of cars

С украинского рынка исчезли несколько дешевых марок автоIn Ukraine stopped selling cars ZAZ “Lanos”.

The car market of Ukraine left several low-cost cars.

The market disappeared budget Chinese brand Zotye. It was presented by the Corporation “Bogdan”. Sold a small car since November 2015 and January 2017 on the site “Bogdan-Avto holding” even disappeared a mention of the brand, and the Corporation has not yet explained the reason for the refusal from the sale of a machine that was even the leader of the rating among budget cars. By the way, Zotye Z100 requested a total of 140 thousand UAH. that is less than Matiz.

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Also in Ukraine stopped selling cars ZAZ “Lanos”. According to the national ratings, last year as “Lanos”, and other brands assembled in Zaporizhia, lost its customers in the domestic market.

In comments to be published on a dedicated website readers explain that the demand for “Lanos” has fallen to “zero” because the model is produced in about 20 years, and also because of its low technical qualities at relatively high for ordinary Ukrainians rates.

In addition, although the brand ZAZ experts call budget, it costs about 10 thousand dollars at current incomes today are clearly too high. Apparently, for this reason the car is not bought and not yet produced.

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Recall, however, that the Corporation ZAZ, reported that the reason for this was not the discontinuation of the model, and the obvious depletion of stocks in the warehouse. In Zaporozhye this model is not produced for a long time, however, intend to resume the Assembly at the beginning of the second half of 2017.

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