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The man who killed Hitler, and then Bigfoot, got a trailer and a couple of posters

About this film we wrote a year or two years ago, but the release of the trailer barely missed. And to lose sight of the trailer of the movie with the same name, it would be criminal! Corrected, and at the same time and even a couple of posters will show you.

The movie is called “The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot” that we tend to translate as “the Man who killed Hitler, and then Bigfoot”, although IMDb suggests another option – “the Man who killed Hitler and then the snow man”.

The film tells the story of legendary American veteran named Kelvin Barr. During the Second world war, he participated in the fighting and, moreover, killed Adolf Hitler. Now the hero lives a quiet peaceful life in New England and does not advertise its merits. However, the country once again calls on the soldier to duty. Contact him the FBI and the Royal canadian mounted police to hunt down and destroy the legendary Bigfoot, as the creature hiding in the depths of the canadian forests, is a carrier of the disease, which can lead to exact a terrible and deadly epidemic.

In the role of an old cowboy Sam Elliott (“the Big Lebowski”). Moreover, caste is allocated Aidan Turner (“the Hobbit: an Unexpected journey”), Caitlin Fitzgerald (“Masters of sex”), Ron Livingston (the Conjuring), Larry Miller (“10 things I hate about you”), Ellar Coltrane (“Scope”) and mark Steger (“Men in black 2”) as the Bigfoot.

“The man who killed Hitler, and then Bigfoot” was the feature debut of Robert D. Krzykowski as a Director and scriptwriter. In this beginner’s support the producers shaked Berenson and Patrick Ewald, who worked on the film “Turbo kid”, and Director Lucky McKee (“Red”, “Masters of horror”).

The world premiere took place on June 20, 2018 and February 8, 2019 the film will be released on Blu Ray, DVD and VOD services.

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