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The man showed a photo allegedly taken in the distant future

Мужчина показал фотографию, якобы сделанную в далеком будущем This man claims he visited 3311 year.

On the YouTube channel “ApexTV” there was another video recorded by a time traveler arriving from the 3311. The unknown man showed a few pictures of a future world. Modern people objects in photos yet seem unthinkable and futuristic.

The first picture you can see a levitating city. To visit it was possible thanks to the teleport machine, which messed up some things.

In the second photo you can see standard house, while the third – a flying car. Vehicles are radically different from those that humanity has now.

According to the man, in 1990 he was elected to participate in a secret program. Sponsored all the “gray” of the organization. According to the contract, to voice their name is prohibited. Users of the network, it should be noted, has fully criticized images that look as “realistic” as Japanese animation.

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