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The man committed self-immolation in Sosnovoborsk

Camera internal observation of a grocery store in the town of Sosnovoborsk in Krasnoyarsk Krai captured as a young man, standing in the middle of a trading hall, douses himself with gasoline and ignites.

It happened a shocking event late evening August 28. The result of his mad act of a man suffered serious burns that covered nearly 70% of the body. On the morning of 29 August, he died in a local hospital.

Allegedly, the man — a native of Uzbekistan, traditionally came to Russia to work. Approximate age of 30 years. What made him make such a move, exactly, is unknown. The sellers grocery store do not want to talk about it, and they can understand. The Director of outlets also refused any comment.

The police as a possible motive for suicide is called unrequited love. If the man is a chosen act of self-immolation this place: one of the saleswomen there he worked his lover, and that night was her shift.

Maybe I don’t understand something, but why kill yourself in front of someone you love? Failed to qualify in his heart, so let me traumatize the psyche?

In short, the story is crazy and cruel.

It is reported that the case materials have already been transferred to the Investigative Committee for further investigation.

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