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The maintenance of the President from the state budget spent a billion hryvnia

На содержание президента из госбюджета потратили миллиард гривенThis year, for the first time in five years decided scarcity costs of the activities of the President – on 11%.

The sum cost taxpayers organizational, analytical and logistical support to the President, his Administration and established head of state, Advisory, consultative and subsidiary bodies and services. Directly on ensuring activity of the President and his Administration were spent 308 million USD.

Associated with transport costs amounted to 314 million UAH 243 million on the functioning of the State aviation enterprise Ukraina, which is carrying the highest officials of the state; 27 million on repair of aircraft; 32 million – on the preparation and implementation of the President’s trips abroad; 10 million for the air transportation of the delegations headed by the President of Ukraine and 2.5 million – in the travel of delegations with the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

The President, heads of Administration and heads of other state organs vehicles have a cost of 244 million.

For the contents belonging to the HOOD of the buildings was spent 118,5 mln UAH 102,5 million for the functioning of the state residences and the maintenance of administrative buildings 16 million for the renovation of premises.

Another 15 million hryvnia was spent on conducting of official events with participation of the President, 14 million – to conduct representational activities, 12.5 million – on tasks for Informatization and 7.5 million on the exercise of powers by the permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea (Kherson).

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