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The main trends of 2019 in the field of fitness and nutrition

Over the past year, it seems, it all came to love cauliflower, and began to meditate, feel free to skip Breakfast and instead of step aerobics signed up for Zumba. Remember the ten leading healthy lifestyles-trends of the year, which will certainly be relevant in 2019.


Cannabidiol is a marijuana extract or cannabis (has no psychoactive effect), which is touted as a panacea for anxiety, stress, insomnia and other nervous conditions.

Though about the healing properties of hemp oil was known many centuries ago, only in 2018, it has become one of the trendiest beauty ingredients. It is now added to dietary Supplements, chewing gum, sprays for the face, scrubs, shampoos and even mascara. And this despite the fact that the FDA (Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA) continues to prohibit the use of cannabis as a nutritional Supplement, although rules and regulations vary from state to state.

Fitness workout on demand

Workouts that you can perform in your living room is as old as a VHS tape. But in 2018, the concept has been completely rethought. Signing up for Classpass Fitness Obe or Live, you can watch the online broadcast training with the participation of celebrities on your phone, laptop or TV.

For example, American portal offers 24-hour access to a “live” classes, as well as the ability to communicate in real time with trainers and nutritionists for a monthly fee of $ 9.99 USD.

Cauliflower Craze

Pizza with cauliflower, pasta with cauliflower, casserole, fritters of cauliflower. This vegetable is the experts recognized the most “hyponym” in the past year.

It contains a large number tartronovaya acid, and citric and malic acids and pectin. In addition, 100 grams of broccoli is only 30 calories, and tartan acid does not allow to form pockets of fat, so nutritionists advise to include it in your diet for people who are trying to lose weight.

About the meditation you’ve probably heard a lot, but didn’t know where to begin. Now to join the centuries-old Eastern practice easier than ever. Just download the app Headspace, Simple Habit or Lucid (here, you and educational lessons for beginners and record the sounds of nature, and thematic classes: stress, nutrition, sports).

You can meditate while walking, sitting in the metro or while Jogging, thanks to the collaboration with Nike Headspace. Gym Equinox even recently included in the schedule a separate lesson of meditation.

In addition to classes on meditation at yoga studios, now a separate moniklubi for meditation, there are individual lessons with the teacher. In Silicon valley even came up with a gadget for tracking the effectiveness of meditation — maroobra Muse (about 29 thousand rubles.). The gadget has a built-sensors to measure activity in the brain that transmit data to the application. It, in turn, includes meditation exercises.

Drinking collagen

To drink or not to drink collagen is one of the main beauty issues 2018. Answer it is not as easy as it seems at first glance.
Collagen is a large molecule, and for the most part it breaks down into its constituent amino acids in the intestine, says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at the hospital of the mount Sinai hospital in new York.

It is assumed that these amino acids enter the bloodstream and provide building blocks for collagen production. Many claim that it has magical effect on the skin, hair and nails. Nevertheless, serious studies supporting its effectiveness, is still there.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

As well as functional training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the absolute trend, which has gained its popularity about three years ago and still maintains its position. We are working out new approaches to HIIT workouts, because in this case it is important to consider the structure of the training to reduce injury risk.
Cycle and cardio also remain at the peak of popularity, they also became more technologically advanced. Each customer can monitor the heart rate during sessions, observing the overall health status using a variety of systems. The introduction of multimedia in training is also a absolute trend (it is especially popular in Cycling). Still expected a new leap in the popularity of online training and using various fitness gadgets, — says Irina Troska, Director of fitness of the Federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit.

But aerobic dance, step aerobics and complex choreographic training, according to the expert, go by the wayside.
Now their you will find virtually no schedule: they are standardized and have lost their relevance due to low efficiency. At the fore of “smart” fitness, that is the one where the coach must consider each element,— said Irina.

A new kind of home workout

Remember when you had to go to the gym to work out? Those days are long gone. This year was marked by a high-tech training, such as Cycling, Peloton (with the help of this application, the cyclist is present on the online group sessions) and home gym called Mirror. This thing looks like a normal floor mirror, and actually is an interactive screen that broadcasts or pre-recorded online training right at your home.

Chewable vitamins for adults

Chewable, fruit jelly enriched with vitamins and minerals, sweet candy-vitamins — this year, many manufacturers of vitamins offered to adults to feel like kids again. These healthy treats can be found in the company Olly Nutrition (b vitamins, C, melatonin, Biotin), Nutrilite and on the website iHerb.

The Effect Of Meghan Markle

The Royal wedding brought us a lot of information about diet and fitness regime Meghan Markle. In short, it feeds mainly on plant food, loves French fries and does yoga and Pilates. British experts believe that the wife of Prince Harry became a real trendsetter. Many people want to look like Mrs. Markle (remember the words of the plastic surgeon David Candiello, who said that his patients increasingly began to ask myself to make the same nose as Duchess?), dress up, feed her and do the same sports as their idol.

Intermittent fasting (or so-called IF)

“Eat Breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend, dinner give the enemy” a long time this rule was considered reasonable from a medical point of view fact. However, modern researchers believe that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

This year the increasing popularity of intermittent fasting. Most of his followers follow the 16/8 diet, in which 16 hours you drink only water or beverages containing almost no calories, but eight hours can eat whatever you want. That is the first meal at noon and the last at eight o’clock. This diet, according to American scientists, allows to reduce not only weight but blood pressure.

And you follow any of these trends?

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