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The main threats to life on Earth

Названы главные угрозы жизни на ЗемлеThis is incredible!

The appeal, signed by 15 364 scientists from 184 countries are listed the main threats to the existence of intelligent life on Earth.

The second “warning to humanity” was published in the journal BioScience.

Global warming scientists have considered it the main threat to the ecosystem of the planet (since 1992, average global temperatures rose by 0.5 degree Celsius and average annual carbon dioxide emissions by 62 percent).

During the same period of time decreased availability of freshwater, decreased the areas of forest land and increased the size of “dead zones” in the ocean (not enough oxygen).

The specialists noted the positive effect of the phasing out of chlorofluorocarbons, which led to the reduction of the ozone hole in the stratosphere.

According to scientists, over the past quarter century the world population increased by two billion, while the population of other mammals, but also reptiles, amphibians and fish have declined by almost 30 percent.

The experts proposed 13 measures that could reduce negative human impact on the ecosystem of the planet. Among them was the establishment of reserves, the reduced size food waste and the introduction of green technologies.

The first warning to humanity signed by more than 1.7 thousand scientists, was published in 1992. Then the anxiety of experts was caused by the destruction of the planet’s biosphere due to human impact. Experts noted that over the past 25 years, the current situation has worsened.

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