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The main thing in “the Movie”: the 36th festival of VGIK, the premiere of “Zoology” and other content from our movie website

In this article we collect the most vivid and interesting articles, movie website “the Film is About” for the past week. This time in our field of vision were: the results of the VGIK film festival, the premiere of “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky, and a new trailer for the sci-Fi Thriller “Gravity”, directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

The main thing in “the Movie”: the 36th festival of VGIK, the premiere of “Zoology” and other content from our movie website

The 36th festival cinematography: imagegui 36-th international festival of cinematography tells readers, “a Film About” names to watch in the cinema in the near future. The most prestigious Russian competition of student films were named winners. The competition for the prize was huge: the festival screened 60 short films from 47 countries. The jury was headed by Polish Director Krzysztof Zanussi.

Jury President Krzysztof Zanussi admits that he sees in youth a great potential:the Most important thing I see that among young people there is a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of this is the faith that the cinema is necessary for someone that should do this. And it makes me happy”.
Best feature film recognized comic Thriller “the Roommate” from Clara Kochanski from the Polish film school in Lodz, best documentary — “vikova” Alexander Sobolenko “Crowd. Close-up” — about the quiet life the heroism of the usual extras. The award for best animated picture — “Cafe D’amour” — about a magical cafe that helps people fall in love — takes the Potsdam Institute movie Benedict Toniolo. Spacompany the jury awarded the Israeli short film “in other words” is about love that does not prove the words; the Swiss Comedy “blind Date in Hebrew” and the Russian Comedy “Paradise”.

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The report from the “film industry”

“Zoology” by Ivan I. Tverdovsky is already on cranactin of the most renowned Russian films of the year — “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky are among the main Prime week, recommended by the editors of “Movie” to view all fans of author’s cinema. Special prize of the jury in Karlovy vary, two awards in Sochi, the official selection of festivals in Toronto, Cottbus, Zurich, Chicago and Philadelphia, and even the Grand Prix of the festival of sci-Fi cinema in Austin Texas! As the last film Tverdovsky (“Class of correction”), the picture of “Zoology” is about finding love in the unkind world. The life of the protagonist — a lonely provincial workers of the zoo changes dramatically when she suddenly grows a tail.

Director Ivan I. Tverdovsky told us about his new job:He is, of course, this multi-genre movie, I would not characterized by any one genre, that is, there, romance, drama, Comedy, extravaganza… There can be an infinite number just to find this film, Yes, but, first and foremost, I would not configure the viewer as if in favor of the fact that it is the author’s cinema, it’s something abstruse that this Russian art-house, which all somehow very much afraid.”
Special attention the audience deserves a disarmingly subtle and truthful work in “Zoology” honored artist of Russia, actress of the Electrotheatre Stanislavsky Natalia Pavlenkova. The actress literally conquered the jury of “Kinotavr”, which recognized that women’s role on the show, and the film received the prize of the Guild of film critics. “Zoology” in limited release on November 24.

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Trailer for “Zoology”

A new trailer for “Gravity” Fedora Bondarchuka the “Video” to “Movie” the main in the trailer of “Gravity”. Still deep secret, new sci-Fi project by Fyodor Bondarchuk, after the premiere of this video soared in all ratings of the most anticipated films of next year. According to our newsroom, the shows of this movie in the cinema surprised the audience clapped. Full video is available on the home page “a Film About”.

Trailer of the movie “Gravity”

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