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The main symptoms of stroke that everyone should know

Главные симптомы инсульта, которые должен знать каждыйForewarned is forearmed.

A stroke is considered to be one of the hardest neurological diseases to 80-85% of patients with this disease become disabled or die. Fortunately, the fatal consequences of a stroke can be avoided if the patient quickly to provide medical assistance. We’ll show you how to recognize a stroke in order to protect life.

1. Face

Try to smile. If you can not get or smile with only one side, it is a very serious sign. Call an ambulance immediately.

2. Hands

Try to raise both arms at the same time. Is it hard to hold them in the air? Lee raised one hand above the other? If you answered these questions in the affirmative, take this signal into consideration and call an ambulance.

3. It

Another major symptom is impaired speech. Try to say something like “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall” and repeat several times. if the words are hard to speak or hard to understand, it is serious. What to do? Same — 03 to help you!

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4. Numbness

If you start to feel numbness, usually affecting only one half of the body, it doesn’t always indicate stroke, but immediate treatment to the doctor in this case, more than shown.

5. Vision

Please note! Does not dictated blurred vision is also an indicator of this problem. As with other symptoms, immediately call an ambulance!

6. Headache

Itself migraine is not a sign of a stroke, but if you’ve got really a headache without obvious reasons, it could be alarm bells. This is one of the most difficult to predict of symptoms, as headache, many and often. However, it is a pain — acute and unwarranted — should be taken seriously.

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7. Dizziness

Sudden dizziness can also signal a stroke. The reasons, of course, there may be several, so these minor symptoms best to check in conjunction with the more specific, like incoherent speech, or loss of coordination.

8. Loss of coordination

By the way, about her. If you stroke it too sudden. You find it difficult to move, especially directly. This is a serious sign. Immediately get to the phone and call the doctor. And then try to lie down.

9. Misunderstanding

Hard of hearing and difficult to dismantle someone else’s speech? This is another worrying sign. The sooner will come the medical intervention, the better. Because it is a matter of life and death.

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