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The main rules of survival when severe frosts

Названы главные правила выживания при сильных морозахChristmas holidays in most regions of Ukraine are in a strong frost.

In Western regions the temperature dropped even up to more than 20 degrees below zero, and the southern and Central region, except for frost, still covered with snow.

Proposed in such extreme weather conditions are simple but effective tips.

Don’t leave home without the need

Even if the house is cold:

eat plenty of warm food;

wear several layers of clothing (it is better that it was a garment of wool or cotton)


If you have decided to get out of the house — prepare well:

eat well before going out (if you’re on the street for long, it is better to eat something sweet and hot and to bring some nutrition bars);

dress right: wear a hat that covers the ears, scarf that would have covered my face and warm gloves on the street is better not to go.

It is important that the clothes were not tight, and the shoes were warm and waterproof.

If you feel that you got frostbite and warm up fails, it is better to seek medical help.

That in no event it is impossible to do for frostbite:

rubbing the sore spot, particularly with snow or alcohol (or any other alcoholic beverages);

to walk if frostbitten feet;

warm up using hot water or “dry heat”, for example, a hair dryer.

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