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The main rules of nutrition for vascular health

Названы главные правила питания для здоровья сосудовNutrition for vascular health is very similar to the rules of a healthy diet in General.

First, it is not necessary to overfeed the body with calories. If there are no problems with excess weight, it is necessary to build your diet to get food about as much energy as it consumes during the day, — in other words, to eat one’s fill, but not to overeat. If the arrow on the scale or the mirror in the bathroom was clear evidence the extra weight, you need to treat yourself more harshly and spend more energy than you consume.

Of course, it is not necessary to bring yourself to the hungry fainting. There is in any case necessary, but preference should be given to easy, low-calorie food.

Second, do not need to be pampered and “relax” your body with easily digestible carbohydrates (refined white sugar, semolina and rice porridge, wheat bread and other products made from wheat flour, confectionery of all kinds of “fun”). To digest it all easily, but good body no — by and large, all this only increases the reserves of all sorts of “garbage” in your body. Much greater value to constitute dietary fiber — choose more vegetables and not so sweet fruits and berries.

Thirdly (and this is the cornerstone of nutrition) — less animal fat, more vegetable. Remember the margarine that “contains no cholesterol”? He actually has advantages over their thicker counterparts, since it is composed of vegetable fats, not animal. Vegetable oils have a pronounced anti-sclerotic effect. And cholesterol, though is not poison, but still is not the substance, to “swallow” which to strive.

Fourth, in addition to all that is not necessary, there is the fact that you need to put your body. This, of course, vitamins that stimulate redox processes (and, therefore, activates the processing of fats and cholesterol in the body), — E, C, P, B1, PP and A.

Besides the necessary vitamins and mineral substances: calcium and magnesium, copper, chromium and iodine. Hard spring or well water, rich in salts of calcium and magnesium, is a real “elixir of health” for people suffering from atherosclerosis. A sufficient amount of chromium in the diet is also a protection against the insidious disease. And don’t think that “chrome food” — it’s kind of rare. A sufficient amount of chromium contained in such mundane foods like beets and peas, and in yellow (unrefined) sugar. Iodine plays a significant role in the processes of digestion of cholesterol, so it is advisable every day to treat themselves with any seafood.

This is more or less General rules of healthy eating. What exactly need to eat (and not eat) in order not to get atherosclerosis?

Very useful:

• vegetables: beets, radishes, pumpkin, cabbage, eggplant, beans (especially soy beans), green vegetables (primarily onions and lettuce);

• fruits and berries: apples, currants (black and red), raspberry, cherry, chokeberry;

• oat and buckwheat porridge, whole-wheat bread, bread with bran;

• crude vegetable oil;

• fish (at least once or twice a week);

• low-fat cottage cheese (best to cook home);

• green tea.

From what should be discarded:

• fatty meat and dairy foods, should not eat liver, kidneys, brains, sausages;

• almost the most serious restrictions relate to salt her daily “dose” in any case should not exceed two or three grams;

• harm to the body causing not only salt, but sugar: a sweet tooth will have to reconsider their habits and to give up your favorite treats. If you really really miss the sweet comfort themselves with berries, fruits and honey;

• deprivation of waiting and lovers of fried eggs: valid “egg” Norma — four eggs per week;

• the last tip might be redundant but still just in case I will remind: in any case, do not drink “raw” (i.e. tap) water be sure to boil it. From the tap is flowing such mixture of lime, chlorine and salts that a regular use of it firmly samantaray your poor blood vessels.

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