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The main rules of hair care in winter

Названы главные правила ухода за волосами зимойThese tips are the Golden rules of hair care in winter.

In winter, the hair is constantly shove. The main reason for the lack of moisture, which is typical for the cold season. So you need to take care of hair in winter.

These tips are the Golden rules of hair care in winter. Try to stick to them, and then by spring you’ll have lovely locks.

After shampooing do not RUB the hair, and gently wrap it with a towel and leave it for ten minutes. Do not brush wet hair, wait until they are a bit dry, and use a brush with wide teeth. If you have curly hair, on the contrary — do not comb them when dry. Better spray anti-frizz spray or leave-in conditioner the tangled strands and gently spread them with your fingers.

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Properly dry hair. The flow of air pointing directly at the hair growth — that is, from top to bottom. So you will help the cuticle of the hair to keep the strands are smooth and shiny.

Be sure to add in your own care hair oil and a moisturizing serum. Apply a few drops to dry strands to give the hair Shine. By the way, is perfect for this purpose and natural oils (coconut, argan and almond) — they will create on the surface of the strands of the barrier.

After shampooing be sure to apply a hair balm or conditioner. Hard water and cold air cause major harm to hair, and they need extra protection. And the air conditioning and heaters make the air dry and all the moisture of the hair is pulled.

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As part of the tools search for glycerin — it will help to effectively moisturize the hair. Pay attention to ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids (LACTIC s), and lactic or glycolic acid. They are often used in care products for the skin, but recent studies have proven that these ingredients can work wonders with damaged tresses.

Going outside, remember the advice of my mother — wear a hat. Hats will help to maintain body temperature and protect hair from dryness and breakage.

Enrich your diet with foods that contain fatty acids omega-3. Is a fatty fish, flax seeds, sesame oil, spinach, cauliflower, beans, broccoli.

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