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The main rules, how easy it is to start running

Главные правила, как легко начать бегатьRunning is a simple and affordable sport to start which everyone can.

It is important to choose the suitable clothes and shoes, place for Jogging and know how to properly run, in order not to harm yourself. Jogging – Jogging is becoming more popular, and master it at any age.

How to start a beginner runner choose shoes for Jogging

So, first you need to decide what and where you will run. If the running stuff all just – tracksuit, leggings and sweatshirt, etc., then running shoes must be comfortable and safe. Sports instructors and sellers of athletic shoes propose to run in the special sneakers. Aspiring runner when you run landing on the heels, which is wrong and can cause injuries of the ankle joint. Until you master the proper running technique, to take some time. Therefore, it is important to run in shoes with soft sole it helps when running is to land on the pads of the toes and softens the impact of the foot on the ground.
Sports running shoes have a thicker “heel” position. This is both good and bad at the same time: good because these shoes protects the inexperienced runner, damping the impact of the heel on the ground and making it easier. Bad, because if you don’t master the proper running technique and will hope that the sneakers you will save and continue “to peel” heels on the ground when running, very soon you will begin to overcome joint pain.
But what about the correct technique of running talk to you later, first you need to decide where to run. The best option for running is a square, Park or forest Park, a stadium with a running track. To run in the stadium easier, since the special coating of treadmills makes it easier to run. However, not everyone has the stadium “at hand” and not all are willing to pay for his visit. In the Park or the Park a paved road will help you avoid the buildup of dirt on the soles, but in the woods or a wooded Park will be less people. The worst option is Jogging in the city, especially along highways: the fumes in the air, the crowd of people around to disturb you. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

How to run: develop technique

When running you have to land mid-foot and push off with the toe, the steps should be small. Try not to slouch, right running silent, the foot is under the center of gravity of the body. This is when walking we put the right foot on the heel, while running landing on your heels will lead to injury. The head to keep straight, look forward, keep your hands bent at the elbows at 90 degrees, and palms folded in a fist, not squeezing them hard.

How to start run and how to prepare yourself

The sooner you begin to prepare yourself, the easier it will be to learn to run properly and gradually increase the distance. The person who previously did not exercise, take 2-3 months to master all the intricacies of running.


. each run start with a warm-up. You should start with small loads, plan training schedule: it is important to run gradually and regularly. Enough to be 3 runs a week, alternate running with walking. Need to run slowly, so you will strengthen and develop the heart muscle, the muscles of the respiratory system. Good to monitor the heart rate during Jogging. But if you don’t have a heart rate monitor, then you need to run with such speed that while running, you could easily talk.
. it is important to not only run, but also do weight training. This static and dynamic exercises, running uphill. Such training should be alternated with just Jogging in a convenient location
. do not overdo the exercise. If your goal is improve your health or lose weight, not to run a marathon, running Jogging a pleasure, it is not necessary after the first couple of runs will dramatically increase the time of Jogging, even if you have no troubles.

If you never ran, it does not hurt to consult with your doctor whether you have contraindications to run.

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