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The main rules and the benefits of fasting

Названы главные правила и польза лечебного голоданияDoctors have nothing against fasting, but who wish to refuse food for a certain period, must be familiar with the rules of fasting in advance.

As has become clear, to starve without consulting with your doctor is extremely unreasonable. The fact is that only a healthcare professional can reasonably evaluate the situation and to understand whether in a given case to refuse to eat and go to the water. Plus, the doctor will give advice on how much time you can starve, as well as familiarize you with the basic rules of fasting:

1. Consultation with a physician or endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist. You need to know will not hurt if fasting is your health.

2. To decide on the date and at the time of starvation to abandon the active leisure, physical exertion, hard mental and physical work and so on. Doctors recommend the starving people to sit at home, because at any moment can spin or just get a headache. Usually, the people who hunger for healing, you feel weakness, fatigue, drowsiness and so on. This is not surprising, because the body is not getting enough of the trace elements accumulating in energy.

3. A week before the fasting should abandon the products of animal origin and sweets. Calories, fat, protein loaded meals daily stomach is and if you abruptly stop supplying him with the usual products, it may crash the entire digestive system. Therefore, you need to prepare for the fasting and start doing it 1-2 weeks before the hunger strike.

4. After you have finished fasting, you need to take care of his new power. The body is completely purified, and cast into the digestive tract the same products as before — pointless to do was to begin to starve. So enter products into the diet gradually, starting with fresh vegetables and fruits, and then meat, fish, cereals and so on.

What happens if you starve for healing purposes:

1. 1-3 days stomach, intestine and especially the liver will get a great opportunity to rest from daily work.

2. 3-5 days viruses, infection and other harmful bacteria leave the body starving.

3. 10-12 days people could have a good cleanse, lose weight, forget about problems with digestion, etc.

4. For 14-30 days, and more with the help of medical hunger you can get rid of problems such as: obesity, skin disease, ulcer disease and others.

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