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The main reasons for the development of alcoholism

Названы главные причины развития алкоголизмаScientists continue to study the factors causing the development of alcohol dependence.

Strange as it may sound, but some people do not become addicted to alcohol like other people do. People can often drink, but not drinking. And another – enough to drink alcohol more frequently than 3 times a week, and the desire to drink literally grows like a snowball.

Scientists have not studied what causes the development of alcohol dependence, but to date they have identified several factors that can affect a person and make him alcoholic.

Named as the main causes of alcoholism:

1. The presence of certain genes in the DNA. American researchers conducted an experiment on rodents and found that in some there is a gene that reduces the activity of the protein GAT-3 that is responsible for calming the nervous system. Those rats in the composition of DNA which was not of this gene had no addiction to drinks containing alcohol.

2. Character. It has a fundamental role and if the person is strict, specific and vital principles, the risk of sleep at the minimum. The rest of what you might call flabby, malleable, soulful people dependent on other people’s opinions and circumstances are more vulnerable to addictions, including alcohol.

3. Age. Today widely developed teenage alcoholism, when children drink alcohol on a daily basis. To blame the development of dependence can parents feed the wrong example, advertising and a bad heredity.

Social relations and psychological factors also often lead to alcoholism, most often it affects women, although men are no exception.

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