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The main reasons for the collapse of a love relationship

Названы главные причины распада любовных отношенийResearchers from the University of Tennessee in the United States made an interesting discovery.

They were able to identify two reasons for the collapse of a love relationship.

To establish these reasons, experts have organized a large-scale experiment where participants had agreed to be 200 volunteers. At the beginning of the experimentation, each volunteer had a partner and was with him in a love relationship. In the study, researchers recorded details of all disputes and scandals that have occurred in pairs and interviewed personalities, broke up with his partner.

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Most of the volunteers who abandoned or left without a loved one, recognized that permanent felt frustration and fear. As a result, scientists have been able to identify as the two main reasons for the separation the following situation: the first – fear of losing his beloved and as a consequence total control and wanton scandals, the second thrust one of the partners for freedom.

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In addition, the duration of stay of the person in a nervous state for fear of losing it or leaving custody directly related to the frequency of conflicts.

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