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The main new year’s events in Kiev

Названы главные новогодние мероприятия в КиевеWhere to relax during the holidays.

Sofia square: lots of lights and music

New year’s eve on Sophia square, where the main tree of the country will be musical and light. This “news” said festival organizer Igor Dobrutsky. December 31, square will install 200 lamps, imported from Italy. At midnight the sky will direct the light rays with a height of 4 km. And from 20:00 on the main stage of the festival will begin a concert of symphonic orchestra with DJs.

According to Dobrutsky, will sound interpretation of the famous Ukrainian songs and compositions, such as “shchedryk” and “waterfall” as well as hits of world stars. “It will be a mix of styles, eclectic. Notes for this concert, which will be attended by 75 musicians, wrote six months,” says Dobrutsky.

Grand concert you can listen to 1 January from 18:00 to 23:00. Live music on the square will sound also 30 December and 2, 3, 5, 7 January, at 18:00. The repertoire includes classical pieces and folk tunes.

And 7 Jan at 15:00 to start the parade of Christmas stars, which will be attended by 500 people. They will be first to city hall and from there to St. Michael’s square. And at 18:00 the concert will start Zlata ognevich.

All public holidays, from 12:00 to 23:00, it will be possible to look at ice sculptures, including a dog, lanterns, fabulous animals. Entrance — from 30 UAH.

For children slides are working and the train. Cost of tickets: for children — 50 UAH adults — 70 UAH.
Continues and the festival of lights. In addition, all works of fudzon: mulled wine — from 40 UAH, bratwurst — 35 UAH/100 g dumplings — 25 UAH/100 g, grilled vegetables — 35 UAH/100 g, kebab — 50 UAH/100 g.

The square of Lesya Ukrainka: Santa and angels

10.8 km from metro station “Pechersk”

The famous “small Town Santa”, who in the past year decoration Mariinsky Park this year is located at Lesya Ukrainka square, in front of the CEC. Here installed the main Christmas tree of the Pechersk district opened each of Santa Claus, where he would take the kids with aides. In addition, moved the famous glowing sculptures of deer, angels, hemispheres and arches. For children in a circle will have to ride train.

New year’s eve on the square will be an entertainment programme and a disco. Beginning at 22:00, ends at 2:00. In addition, there are stalls with street food, where they sell mulled wine from 40 UAH, bratwurst — 35 UAH/100 g, food — from 45 UAH/100 g In the holidays for children in the afternoon will conduct master classes (for the privileged categories — for free).

In Pirogovo – the goat led

24.2 km to Go by metro to the station “Teremki”, from there bus number 496 in the direction of the Theophany

During the Christmas holidays the Museum “Pirogovo” works in a usual mode. But on 7 January will be here to celebrate Christmas, the day of Basil and Melanie. Opening at 10:00. Guests will celebrate the folk Amateur groups will perform Christmas carols. And in the afternoon to begin a Christmas service in the current Museum of the Church. After the service in the main square will be a traditional rite of “Goat”. The organizers clarify: our ancestors used it was January 14, but in the “Pirogovo” decided not to postpone. Entrance: participants ATO, the disabled, children under 5 — free, students and teenagers under 18 years — 20 UAH, from 5-10 years — 10 UAH, adult — 40 UAH.

Song: slides and rides

9.1 km ride to the metro station “Arsenal”

All holidays at the Song festival grounds, a festival of “Ice age”. Here you can ride on the longest roller coaster in Kiev. Input and one descent from the hill — 50 UAH, each subsequent 20 UAH. A total of six tracks: for children and adults. The highlight of the holiday — dog sledding: in flight — from 70 to 150 UAH. 5 and 7 January in the big tent from 15:00 will be puppet shows.

A 3D cinema. Tickets: for children — 50 UAH, adults — 70 UAH. You can visit the petting zoo, free to play with small dogs. Hungry from Singing will not go away — there are four areas of the food courts. Mulled wine can be purchased for UAH 50, meat — from 60 UAH/100 g.

Mamaeva Sloboda— festival Kuti

9 km to Go from the pool by bus No. 156, Esplanadna str – No. 563

The holidays here start on January 7, from 12:00 kick off the Grand festival Kuti. On this day, the organizers promise to teach everyone to cook a real Cossack Christmas pudding. And in the tavern you can try more than ten kinds of this dish. The meal will be accompanied by folk songs and fun. Pie with poppy seeds or apples can you buy for 21 UAH Cossack dessert prunes in sour cream — UAH 89 (50 g), vareniki with cottage cheese — 98 UAH (250 g), dumplings with cabbage — 156 UAH (500 g), cabbage rolls with meat — 99 UAH per serving, pot roasted meat — 120 UAH (300 g). Entrance ticket — 100 UAH. Children, students and pensioners — UAH 60.

Contract: disco and gifts

3.7 km to Go on the subway, bus # 62 (from the European square)

Holidays at Kontraktova square will start on December 30 at 17:00 with the quest “Day of humor”. Condition: to tell a funny story or anecdote. The winner will be chosen by audience vote. The prize is a ticket to the skating rink near the Kiev-Mohyla Academy (other — 100 UAH together with the rental). Christmas program on December 31 starts at 19:00. At this time there will be skaters of the school “Leader”. From 19:30 to 22:30 Christmas concert program. 23:00 — Christmas songs with Galina Liquorice, author and performer of his own works. 23:50-00:05 greeting speech by the President, after which the contests, raffle, disco.

From 1 to 18 January there will be a traditional Christmas fair with street food, mulled wine and Souvenirs. Throughout the holidays powered Ferris wheel. 43-foot design came from France. Cabins safe, private, designed for six people. Tickets: adult — 100 UAH, child — 50 UAH. Until January 14, will show the circus “Kobzov” (starts at 15:00 and 17:00). Entrance — from 150 UAH, children under 5 — free. And near the monument to Sahaidachny — the fabulous sculpture Park and rides “tales of the old Podil”.
“Kyivska Rus”: the show doubles

49,4 km to Go by bus “Kyiv — Stepok” from the station “Vydubychi”

31 December the Park is open from 10:00, and the Christmas show starts from 20:00. The event will begin with a festive lottery. It will be held “Prince of Kiev”. Then the kids will congratulate father frost with the snow Maiden. Close to midnight the show begins twins: Olga Polyakova, Nastya Kamensky, Adriano Celentano, TIK, Jiji, “the Bremen town musicians”. Then equestrian stunt show, visitors will be able to do to ride on horses. And, of course, new year’s eve fireworks and fireworks. Until January 14, the Park features the residence of Grandfather Frost. The ticket costs 150 UAH to 400 UAH, includes sweets, while adults tinctures.

“Winter country” at ENEA

12.5 km metro ride to the metro station “Exhibition center”

All holidays at ENEA works Park “Winter country”. The first thing that is found on the territory of Expocentre — the tourist train (50 UAH per round). In the center of the Park pavilion to the residence of Santa Claus, is open from 9:00 to 21:00. Security, as expected the elves to strictly comply with the order. Make a wish fairy Grandfather you 100 UAH. The price includes child’s gift with a little toy and candy. At the residence several photo zones. From 60 UAH to make magnets with portraits of visitors. Students can participate in the project “good Mail”. The point is that the child has to write a birthday card, choose one of the 193 countries that Google index and to throw the letter in one of the colorful mailboxes. Will get the message a stranger from a distant land.

The Park has a large rink. The cost is 100 UAH per day. Opened a tubing hill. Let everyone, but children under eight years may be difficult. The descent was 40 UAH 5 — UAH 120, 10 — 180 UAH and VIP pass for unlimited riding during the day — 200 UAH. But on some days prices will be reduced by 30%.

Offer kids ride on electric cars (50 UAH 5 min). Interesting and castle ice sculpture (entrance: 100 UAH — for adults, 50 UAH — for children).

Until the end of the holidays will work Christmas fair (more than 40 Kiosks). The main winter drink — mulled wine — is represented here in many variations, even a children’s soft. The price is 35 UAH for a small Cup. For adults preparing liqueurs. The sellers assure they are all homemade and natural products. The price is from 175 UAH per liter. The most expensive “Hrenovuha” — 220 UAH. You can also try to punch, mulled wine and cocoa with rum for 60 UAH. Tea, coffee — 15 UAH, compote and cocoa — 20 UAH.

A rich selection of street food: chicken satay — from 50 UAH/100 g, pork — 55 UAH/100 g, lamb and veal — 60 UAH/100 g Sausages — from 35 UAH apiece, pudding — 25 UAH. Grilled vegetables and potatoes — from 30 UAH. Pickles and salads — 25 UAH. Presented and Oriental cuisine: plov and shurpa — from 60 UAH per serving. The cheapest food, which is found at ENEA, is a sandwich of black bread and fat for 20 UAH per share.
Admission is free. Celebrations — until January 14.

Zoo “XII months”

In the Park “XII months” every Saturday and Sunday from 16 December to 14 January will show new year’s show “Polundra! New year.” The performances will take place at 12:00 and 15:00 on the Central square of the Park. For visitors to the Park entrance for free.

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