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The main legendary secrets of the Teutonic order. Photo

Главные тайны легендарного Тевтонского ордена. ФотоThe Teutonic order became a dangerous enemy for the whole of Eastern Europe.

A quick conquest of the Baltic States gave the German knighthood a great springboard for further expansion to the East: the enslavement of the scattered tribes of Livs, Estonians, Prussians and many others have allowed the Catholic Church to spread its influence in the lands of Russia, where wealth has always attracted the greedy European clergy.

The Foundation Of The Order
The third crusade 1190, can be considered the date of Foundation and the Teutonic order: the Syrian fortress of Acre chaplain Konrad and Canon Workhard established hospital, who was destined to become one of the most powerful knight organizations in the world. Nine years later, Pope innocent III issued a bull, according to which a society is autonomy, which received its Charter. The main tasks Ordo domus Sanctae Mariae Teutonicorum in Jerusalem (“the order of the Teutonic house of St. Mary in Jerusalem”) was not only the protection of the German knights, but an active struggle against the enemies of the Catholic Church.

Главные тайны легендарного Тевтонского ордена. Фото

Eastern European resettlement
The Teutons came to Eastern Europe to fight the Cumans. They were invited to the king of Hungary, Andras II, inviting the knights to stay in the South-Eastern border of Transylvania. After a few years it will have its own Autonomous region, five fortified castles: Marienburg, Schwarzenburg, Rosenau, Kreuzburg, and Kronstadt will be to order a great springboard for further expansion.

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Главные тайны легендарного Тевтонского ордена. Фото

Casus belli
We can say that the formal cause to move to the Teutonic order on the territory of Prussia, and then to take the first attack the Rus gave the wife of the Polish Duke Konrad Mazowiecki. The earth Prince was captured by Prussian pagans and yielding to the persuasion of his wife he decided to invite the knights to help. As usual, the cure was worse than the disease: well-armed knights with ease conquered the scattered Prussian tribes and soon conquered the whole of Prussia.

Главные тайны легендарного Тевтонского ордена. Фото

By the end of the XIII century, the Teutonic order was a real state. Seizing the land of Prussia, Livonia and Eastern Pomerania, the knights began to give away the land to the German peasantry. The colonization took place very quickly — and the Order, with the blessing of the Pope, continued the expansive invasion of the East.

Главные тайны легендарного Тевтонского ордена. Фото

The clash with the Russian principalities
The focus of the Chapter of the Order was drawn on the Russian principalities. Just had to wait for the right time for the first Hiking. In late 1240 the Bishop Hermann of Dorpat rightly decided that the Mongol invasion greatly weakened the Russian princes. Gathering a strike force of Teutonic knights, Bishop seized Izborsk, and then to Pskov. Then on the land of Novgorod Principality of the knights rebuilt the fortress in kopor’ye — all terms for the full conquest of the Russian principalities were created.

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Главные тайны легендарного Тевтонского ордена. Фото

The collapse of all hope
A decisive rebuff Alexander Nevsky was set in the plans of the order of the cross. After suffering a crushing defeat near lake Peipus Dorpat, the Bishop received a papal bull, and was forced to make peace under very unpleasant conditions. The crusaders refused from all the occupied lands before and vowed not to return to Russia.

Главные тайны легендарного Тевтонского ордена. Фото

The Order Of The Third Reich
The revival of the Teutonic order has already occurred in Nazi Germany. Organization Himmler had United under his banner the German military elite. Of course, the doctrine of original Order “drive towards the East” (Drang nach Osten) was adopted by the Fuhrer with all your heart. However, the new “crusaders” to capture the Russian land was not meant to be.

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