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The main features of a curved monitor Samsung

Названы главные особенности изогнутого монитора SamsungMore recently, in the form of a monitor with a curved screen, many were surprised, and the cost of the devices exceeds the limit.

But time does not stand still, today we want to talk about a 27-inch curved monitor Samsung CH711 and its main features.

Comfortable conditions for eyes

I’m sure many of us spend in front of computer most of the working or free time. Due to bending of the monitor Samsung 1800R, which repeats the shape of the eye, such a pastime will be as comfortable as possible. Less fatigue is achieved more rare focus on the image. Your eyes smoothly watching what is happening on the screen, the distance to the screen is unchanged

In addition, you can choose the mode of reduction of brightness of the blue glow and make it more “warm”. Technology delivers Flicker Free, flicker-free screen that allows you to work longer or play games.

The effect of full immersion

The curved screen of the Samsung monitor creates the feeling of complete immersion, and when you run programs in multiple Windows, you will not irritate cluttered as the desktop. The shape of the screen does not distort the image, but rather improves its perception.

Due to the very thin top and side frames, games, or viewing of the film is reminiscent of viewing an IMAX film, when the viewer creates a “presence effect”.

Accurate color reproduction

Due to the pixel density, which is 1.7 times higher than their density on the screen Full HD monitors, achieves high-detail images. Monitor features WQHD display with quantum dots, as well as VA panel technology of the QLED. This minimizes the leakage of light, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio ensures a uniform illumination and a deep black color.

Smooth image is achieved through technology AMD FreeSync, which eliminates all distortion during the games.

Stylish design

The monitor looks sleek and futuristic. Due to the sleek design and versatile color is perfect for any style interior.

Samsung CH711 executed in frameless design, solid plastic around the screen not only a field with a height of 12 mm with the manufacturer’s logo. The joystick is located under the lower part of the monitor and all the cable hidden in the rear part of the holder.

The ratio price-quality

Samsung CH711 11 is 999 hryvnia, which is equal to the price of some flat screens. For the money you get a comfortable eye monitor with a stylish design, a WQHD screen with QLED technology, high contrast colors and game mode

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