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The main factors of lack of vitamin D

Названы главные факторы развития нехватки витамина D At deficiency of this vitamin the body is working as it should.

Vitamin D ensures proper and timely growth of bones and participates in their speedy healing, maintains normal levels of calcium and phosphorus, reduces the synthesis of type I collagen, thus preventing the development of multiple bony growths, peeling and recurrences of psoriasis, reduces the risk of skin and cardiac diseases, and malignant tumors.

To deficiency of vitamin D are many factors, among which scientists are modifiable (in which people can influence) and non-modifiable (fixed). After another study, experts identified 10 hidden triggers leading to the deficiency sun vitamin. The synthesis of cholecalciferol skin cells is affected by place of residence – accommodation in high-latitude regions with low height increases the risk of a lack of biologically active substances due to the greater distance from the Sun, whose rays are a direct activator of the synthesis of vitamin.

The ability to produce it declines with age and because older people are at a particular risk. It prevents the synthesis of dark skin due to the concentration in the upper layers of the dermis of the chemical melanin, which inhibits the production of valuable component.

People with deficiency of vitamin D, you should check the health of the kidneys, because as it turned out, their status depends on production of proteins by the liver, and thus the production of vitamin. The following hidden triggers called diseases of the digestive tract – celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, Whipple’s disease – all these diseases to varying degrees and in different ways hinder the development, selection or absorption of many vital elements, including vitamin D. overweight absorbs too much TANK, which contributed to the deficit. Procedure gastric bypass plays an important role on the amount of vitamin that the body absorbs.

It should be remembered that a lack of vitamin D leads to serious complications, including delayed formation of teeth, pain in the joints, deformation of the teeth, growth retardation in children, muscle cramps, bone deformation, loss of weight.

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