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The main factors affecting the size of the female breast

Названы главные факторы, влияющие на размер женской груди Men on the note.

Most parts of the body such as hands, legs, feet, ears grow to a certain size and never change. But the chest is another story. The size and shape of the Breasts can change throughout your life.

Of course, in the chest there is a standard size that you think is “normal”. And though throughout life it can change, in the end, the breast will probably return to its original size. Many believe that the Cup size of the bra is due to genetics, although in reality there are many things that affect breast size. We will talk about the main factors.

Family history

genes dictate the color of your hair and skin, height and numerous other things, including the size of your Breasts. But genes are more likely to predict output parameters of the breast, and not its actual size. In the course of life and the size and shape of the breast can change. Thus, genes don’t guarantee that the Cup of your bra will be like your mom and sisters, but it’s certainly more likely for you than for girls, the female part of the family which is A.

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Your weight

The breast is composed of connective tissue, mammary glands and ducts, and fat, but the proportions are all individual. Some women have more connective tissue than fat, and Vice versa. If your Breasts contain lots of fat, you may notice changes in size and shape when gaining or losing weight. However, a gain or loss of weight should be significant to breast size changed.

Pushups, bench press and other exercises for pectoral muscles

If you started to work out at the gym and noticed that your Breasts become more toned, the reason for this can be exercises on the chest muscles. Performing these exercises can strengthen your chest muscles, which are located behind the rib cage, and this can cause the Breasts become more voluminous than before. Keep in mind that exercise will not help to increase the breast size, but they can increase the muscles with the chest, which can visually enlarge Breasts.

Hormonal contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives can not only prevent unintended pregnancy and to regulate menstrual cycle hormonal methods of contraception such as the pill, injections and hormonal IUDs, can actually affect the size of your Breasts. This is largely due to water retention in the body, so after the use of hormonal methods, this effect takes place.

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy a woman’s breast can grow several sizes due to hormonal changes such as increased progesterone. Your Breasts may swell more when you are breastfeeding (because of the influx of milk). The Breasts return to normal size is usually three to six months after cessation of breastfeeding. Although if you have several children, the effect may be more prolonged and pronounced.

Your age

In 35 years your Breasts most likely will not look the same as the 23 With age, women’s Breasts become less elastic, and this is absolutely normal. This is largely due to a change in the elasticity of the skin, and sprains.

Although breast changes are perfectly normal, this must always be a reason. If you find a sudden change in the breast, and can’t find an explanation, call your doctor. This may be a sign of a benign or malignant tumor.

Again, don’t panic if you notice a change, but check the chest will not be superfluous.

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