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The main exporters of Ukrainian milk

Названы главные экспортеры украинского молокаUkraine significantly increased the exports of dairy products.

Ukraine in the first quarter of the year exported 25.7 thousand tons of dairy products worth $ 43600000.

In real terms, it is by 36.7% more than in the first quarter of 2016, and in cash – 77,8%, – noted in the Association of milk producers.

The main growth of sales is observed for butter and dry whey + EUR 205.8% + 101,8%, respectively. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Exports of milk and cream not concentrated amounted to 1.9 thousand Tons, which is by 8.26% less than last year. In monetary terms, sales amounted to 1200000 dollars. (+ 9,5%). The largest markets are Moldova (us $ 507 thousand.) And Georgia (355 thous.).

Export condensed milk and cream in February amounted to 10.2 thousand tons (+ 8.5 percent) in the amount of $ 18 million. (37500000). This is the export group of the domestic milk. Just traded with Kazakhstan (3100000 USD) And Turkmenistan (2400000 USD).

Selling of dairy products compared with last year fell by a third to 588 t In real terms, and by 26.2% in value, to $ 565 thousand. The main contractors were: Moldova (287 thous.), Georgia (163 thous.) And the United Arab Emirates (60 thousand Dollars).

Exports of whey in the analyzed period more than doubled. During the quarter, we exported about 8 million Tonnes of product. In value terms, it 5900000 USD. (+ 154%). The three leading importers were: China – $ 2900000., Myanmar – 372 thousand. India and 357 thousand dollars.

The export of butter has increased more than three times and amounted to 3.5 thousand tons For a total amount of $ 12800000. (+ 275%). Sold more oil in Morocco (2800000 USD), Moldova (1800000 USD) And Egypt (1500000 USD).

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